$5 At Major Fast Food Chains


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Fast food: It's supposed to be cheap. But somewhere along the line, prices went up and dollar menus became "Value Menus." A single bill can still get you somewhere, but that "somewhere" is very far from full.

But that's no reason to fret: Deep within every fast-food chain's menu lies hope for the hungry. To excavate it, we hit some top fast-food joints and devised delicious, filling meals you can put together for right around $5, give or take a Washington.

We chose what to order based on: 1) what had a high caloric content, because it's important to be, like, all full of energy after eating cheeseburgers; 2) tasted great; and 3) would mesh well with other menu items in the interest of making a full meal for around $5. Finally, we ignored limited-time value offers, which change all the time. Got it? Good. Now check out the best cheap meals below.

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