MuscleTech NeuroCore (45 Servings)

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What's the matter?
dvinegrace83 Apr 10, 2012
These workout products always just confuse me, but ill def ask my husband if this interests him. He uses jacked sometimes n loves it. Maybe he'll like this too.the
aznballa161 Apr 09, 2012
Good price considering how expensive muscletech products are. In my opinion, their products are overpriced to begin with.
MrBklynW Apr 09, 2012
cool, this is a pretty good price.
tekman2500 Apr 09, 2012
i ended up picking up 3
dropslike Apr 09, 2012
I never tried MuscleTech NeuroCore but at this price It is best to find out what is about!
beatus50821 Apr 09, 2012
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ArminVB Apr 09, 2012
Save 20% more with " springsave "
Acarone Apr 09, 2012
where do you apply the coupon, can't find it
Acarone Apr 09, 2012
never mind, its way at the end of the checkout. right before you submit. thanks!
yuliykurilo Apr 10, 2012
Code "springsave" gives a discount for only ONE UNIT of product.
I added to cart Neurocore three units - the same discount for $ 3.
Perhaps it makes sense to split the order for three order.
nthsll Apr 09, 2012
Some general information about pre-workout sups.
1. They work really well for motivational puropses. I haven't tried this, but it has some of the same stuff in it ad JacK3d, which I have. Once you take your dose, you better do something very physical or you will go out of your mind with the spare energy.
2. Beta Alanine make you itch all over like you just took a hit of some type of speed. It isn't an allergic reaction...its just what it does.
3. The type of caffein in this Jack3d kept me from matter what time of day it was.
4. A buddy took too much and would up in the ER with palpatations and chest pain.

Good stuff...but be aware of the above.
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tekman2500 Apr 09, 2012
thanks for the info.

i haven't tried this one either, but it seems like a good price and MuscleTech is a good brand.
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