Pierre Cardin Signature 4 Piece Luggage Set

Change the color to grey and then under more buying options choose - Sold by eBags for the sale price to be $148.44

Product Description
All pieces are crafted by Pierre Cardin from incredibly durable, fashionable, dirt and water-resistant jacquard woven polyester. 5 Year Warranty.
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What's the matter?
zoneric Jan 05, 2013
wow, that's an amazing price drop. great find.
mikhaila Jan 05, 2013
amazing deal. I really n eed new luggage. especially with this upcoming move. thanks for sharing and yes I agree with Mr.BklynW it looks like a LV lol.
MrBklynW Jan 04, 2013
that is a great price, this set looks amazing, interesting choice of colors, would of thought it was LV=P
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Florida2Texas Jan 05, 2013
Now that you mention it does look like a LV set. I know for some people this might be a bit expensive but oh well...i love to travel in style. :)
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iowahawkeyes Jan 04, 2013
Luggage doesn't necessarily have to be designer brand, I bet you could find cheaper, and better quality luggage without a more we`ll known brand than this.
Dexterous Jan 04, 2013
Looks good quality, but the price is still high for me
seanvcxz Jan 04, 2013
Wow, that really looks like some high end luggage too! Our is all bend a broken from all the traveling we've done. This would make us look like we are loaded when we are walking through the airport!
YesBoss Jan 04, 2013
Nice Find, These Are Looks Very Nice Luggage Set. Thanks For Sharing.
lotuslove19 Jan 04, 2013
This is an awesome brand to buy!Free shipping makes it more affordable.I am going to get this.
dvinegrace83 Jan 04, 2013
sure this isn't like the super cheap $50/set types, but this is a awesome brand and look how beautiful the set is! i want one!
Retrex Jan 04, 2013
Don't know if it's just me but the "More Buying Choices" is on the right side under the "Add to Wish List" button
Florida2Texas Jan 04, 2013
When you click on the deal it takes you to the Amazon page for the brown set. First select the Grey Set and then on the right under more buying choices you will see the additional vendors listed. Hope this helps. :)
poe601 Jan 04, 2013
Awesome price for Pierre Cardin and all these pieces in the set and free shipping makes it great!
gangstabarbie Jan 04, 2013
holy cow this is a fantastic price! i wonder about the quality though
Nellysg Jan 04, 2013
Great deal!
FibroMom Jan 04, 2013
Now $154.66 - But still a fantastic deal on this large set of luggage. Thanks for sharing this.
Florida2Texas Jan 04, 2013
change the color to grey and then under more buying options choose - Sold by eBags and the price is still $148.44
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FibroMom Jan 04, 2013
You rock! Thanks! :)
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Florida2Texas Jan 03, 2013
$47.55 price drop. The Grey set is available from the seller - ebag for the above price and then brown set is available for $154.66
arsiel Jan 03, 2013
Looks like the grey set is now $151.39 now but it's still a great price for a luggage set. The reviews are good too. Best of all, I love the way it looks (:
Florida2Texas Jan 03, 2013
Its actually still available for $148.44, you just have to select ebags under more buying option.
bbattag Jan 04, 2013
Yea, it's $148.44 if you choose ebags on the right side