Western Digital 4TB My Book Thunderbolt Duo

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My Book Thunderbolt Duo 4TB, dual-drive storage system featuring revolutionary Thunderbolt technology, sets new standards for data transfer speeds and workflow flexibility in high-capacity storage.

Move data at unprecedented speeds
Finally, a drive that can keep up with your creativity. Video editors and other digital media professionals can do more work in less time with the ground-breaking data transfer speed of the Thunderbolt ports on My Book Thunderbolt Duo. It offers the indisputably fastest way to get information to and from your external drive.

Dual drive RAID storage system
User selectable RAID or JBOD modes. When set to RAID 0 (striping), My Book Thunderbolt Duo offers the performance you need when designing or editing graphics-intensive media files. When set to RAID 1 (mirroring), this drive provides double safe data protection by automatically generating a duplicate copy of your data. Set to JBOD (Just a Bunch Of Disks) to use as two individual drives and select between HFS+J or exFAT per disk. Ideal for running Windows OS on a Mac.

Dual Thunderbolt ports enhance workflow efficiency
Daisy chain up to seven devices or peripherals using the two Thunderbolt ports to achieve maximum workflow efficiency and productivity.

High-speed multi-tasking
The revolutionary bi-directional Thunderbolt technology delivers unmatched speed for multi-tasking while video editing, 3D rendering and completing other graphics-intensive projects.

Want to replace a drive? Simply open the case and exchange the existing drive ? no tools needed. If you fill up a drive, you can simply remove it and replace it with a fresh drive and begin saving even more of your creative life.

WD Drive Utilities
Register your drive, run diagnostics, manage RAID or JBOD modes and more, using WD Drive Utilities.

Cool operation
Equipped with WD drives, this system is designed to run cool. Lower operating temperatures extend the life of the drive and improve data reliability.


Revolutionary Thunderbolt technology
Two Thunderbolt ports for high-speed multi-tasking
Dual-drive storage system with user-selectable RAID 0/1
User serviceable
Ideal for

Moving data at the unprecedented speeds of Thunderbolt? technology
Daisy-chaining multiple devices like HD monitors, video and audio editors, media players and more through the dual Thunderbolt ports for nearly unlimited workflow efficiency and productivity
Multi-tasking while video editing, 3D rendering and completing other graphics-intensive projects
Enhancing system performance by setting to RAID 0 to boost speed
Protecting your data with user-selectable RAID 1 that automatically generates a duplicate copy of your data
Setting to JBOD to use the system as two individual drives
Selecting exFat to run Windows OS on a Mac?

Formatted for Mac OS X Lion or Snow Leopard
- Compatibility may vary depending upon user?s hardware configuration and operating system.
System Requirements

Computer with Thunderbolt connector
Mac OS x 10.6.8 or higher
Thunderbolt (must be purchased separately)

Configurable for maximum speed (RAID 0), data protection/mirror mode (RAID 1) or use the drives individually in JBOD mode
Product Specifications

Data transfer rate >250 MB/s
RoHS compliant Yes
Limited warranty 3 years
Environmental Specifications

Operating temperature 5C to 35C
Non-op. temperature ?20C to 65C
Power Specifications

AC input voltage 100 ? 240V
AC input frequency 47 ? 63 Hz
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