Sony MDR-ZX100 Over-The-Ear Noise Reducing Headphones

  • On-Ear Headphones
  • Lightweight and comfortable design for extended use with minimal fatigue
  • Thickly padded earcups isolate noise and deliver focused sound
  • Multi-layered diaphragm reduces distortion and creates an accurate and responsive sound
  • Neodymium magnets accurate control the driver with precision and accuracy
  • Y-style cord prevents tangles and clutter
  • Completely collapsible for a versatile and portable unit
  • Copper clad aluminum voice coil
  • Power handling capacity: 1000mW
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    What's the matter?
    ivyzyy Jan 16, 2013
    good, it will be much more comfortable to enjoy music with such an earphone.
    Jazmine_ilene Jan 14, 2013
    very nice price for these headphones. These will make a great gift. Nice find =)
    jkbane Jan 09, 2013
    best thing about this deal is that I had $12 in ebay bucks. So I only paid like $2 for these. I cant wait to get em in.
    zoneric Jan 09, 2013
    these are awesome headphones. but I guess being white, they get dirty really fast.
    ancagavs Jan 09, 2013
    nice headphones. my bf would surely love these. great price too.
    MrBklynW Jan 08, 2013
    good price, good price on sony headphones
    nimase85 Jan 08, 2013
    This is a great price for a noise reducing headphone I also like the color it looks very stylish I will pass this on... Thanks for sharing
    drewcp Jan 08, 2013
    I have these headphones. I bought them for $6.23 at Target. I do not recommend them.
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    mikhaila Jan 08, 2013
    Nice find. I remember when kids hated big head phones. Now they're coming back put
    Dexterous Jan 08, 2013
    not bad for the sony headphone.
    bbattag Jan 08, 2013
    Same price from amazon, as well, from seller "Limited Goods" or $14.25 direct from Amazon
    zacharyzblewski Jan 08, 2013
    You can also get the black version on Amazon for $14.10.
    aoobuu Jan 08, 2013
    Particular deal. Thanks for taking time to share it.
    blackfoot Jan 08, 2013
    Good price for Sony headphones, Nice deal.
    arsiel Jan 08, 2013
    Looks like a great price for headphones. Sony's typically a good brand to get electronics in.
    psplove Jan 08, 2013
    Nice Headphones with great price. Nice find!
    seanvcxz Jan 08, 2013
    I was just debating buying these at Best Buy the other day. I ended up buying another pair, but If I would have seen this deal I would have bought them here!
    shopange08 Jan 08, 2013
    Nice deal on Sony headphones, & 4-star reviews on Amazon. Nice find
    naturaldeal Jan 08, 2013
    Sony headphones are good brand, i am looking for one
    poe601 Jan 08, 2013
    Great price and good reviews for seller too.