Turtle Beach Call of Duty: MW3 Ear Force Bravo Limited Edition Programmable Wireless Universal Gaming Headset

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Exclusives: Custom military textured finish with MW3 insignia, Call of Duty embossed headband, Custom MW3 audio presets, MW3 downloadable multi-media content and bonus extras, Military-style equipment case, discounts on Turtle Beach swag
The EFD comes pre-loaded with exclusive custom audio presets designed by the MW3 developers to optimize the game experience; also upload any of the many custom presets available on the Turtle Beach website to configure up to 18 personalized presets
Rechargeable Battery provides more than 10 hours of uninterrupted gameplay
Sonic Lens with Sound Field Expander allows the player to widen or narrow the sound field to focus on sound cues that are difficult to hear like enemy footsteps
Ear Guard with Blast Limiter limits the intensity of deafening sounds such as explosions and gunfire while Sonic Silencers eliminate background noise on your mic and online chat
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