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Apr 28, 2020
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About this Deal

⭐Main Features

👉Please Note:

Is Xiaomi Ecological Chain Company Brand, Do Not Have Any Xiaomi Logo Or Mi Logo On It, Thanks For Your Kindly Understanding.

⭐Product parameters
Product name: Purely KN95 protective mask
Type: Disposable folding ear-worn mask
Filtration efficiency: KN95
Product model: KZN-101
Specification: 5 pieces / box (one size)
Executive standard: GB2626-2006KN95
Validity: 3 years

🏆Precautions And Taboos
1. Please check the appearance of the mask before use. Do not use it if it is damaged or contaminated.
2. When the mask is dirty, damaged, or smelly, please do not use it again, and replace it immediately.
3. Masks should be stored indoors with humidity not exceeding 80% and air circulation.
4. Please arrange your hair accessories before wearing them to avoid affecting the tightness of the mask.
5. If you feel that there is gas coming out of the face of the mask or the nose, it can be solved by adjusting the tightness of the ear rope.
6. The product is not suitable for protection against harmful gases and steam and is not suitable for the oxygen-deficient environment, underwater operation, escape, etc.
7. This product is disposable, not washable, heated, or disinfected.

👉-How often does the mask change?
The wearing time of the mask should not exceed 24 hours for one-time use. Whether it can be used multiple times is judged according to the use environment. It is recommended to discard it if you have been to a crowded place. You can use it 2-3 times for daily walks.
👉-What is the protective effect of the mask?
This mask uses kn95 grade filter material, which can filter ≥95% of non-oily particles, droplets, liquids, etc.
👉-How long is the shelf life of the mask?
The shelf life of this mask is 3 years
👉-What is the protection level?
This mask implements GB2626-2006, KN95 standard, which can meet the protection requirements of the general public.
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