Carepeutic Percussion Multi-Head Massager

$51.97 $129.99

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Carepeutic Percussion Multi-Head Massager — customize your massage with interchangeable attachments!
Say goodbye to knots and sore muscles… this handheld massager lets you target muscles with a deep tissue massager for relief wherever you need it! Choose from five interchangeable attachments for targeted relief—invigorating pin point massage head, soothing round massage head, rejuvenating multi-node massage head, comfortable soft ball massage head and a multi-massage head for larger areas of the body.

Features & Benefits of Carepeutic Percussion Multi-Head Massager:

Five interchangeable massage heads let you customize the massage for different parts of your body.
Lightweight, ergonomic design allows you to easily reach and massage any part of your body.
Infrared heat offers soothing relief with deep tissue massage.
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