Laura Mercier Creme Eye Detail Brush

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WHAT IT IS: Creme Eye Detail Brush. Size: 6.5in
WHAT IT DOES: A high quality synthetic brush designed for precision application of creme eye colour products. Specifically designed to allow for intricate eye detail, the pointed tip allows for absolute precision. Highlight specific parts of the lid with the tip or flatten the bristles in order to have perfect control of the creme colour.
HOW TO USE: Use the back of your hand as a palette and dab a small amount of desired eye product onto it - work colour into the bristles and apply directly to the eyelid where desired.
Basic brush care: Always cleanse in the direction of the hair - never inswirlin or harshly rub brushes on any surface. Cleanse as needed in mild shampoo and warm water and gently squeeze water through the hair - go from base to tip - and rinse thoroughly. Shape and allow to air dry on a flat surface - do not stand brushes on end to dry or use cleansers with alcohol.
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