MIST & FIX 2019 SETTING SPRAY - My Favorite Cosmetics Series

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Protect your makeup and keep its color fresh all day long

A lightweight, alcohol-free setting spray that preps and refreshes skin and sets makeup for up to 12 hours of wear. A water-rich formula...

Protect you makeup and keep its color frash all day long!

The ideal makeup artist product, Mix & Fix is a setting spray that forms a fresh, invisible barrier that

Prolongs makeup hold for 12 hours*
Moisturizes the skin: + 63%** after application
Boosts cellular oxygenation and skin radiance, thanks to the O2 Skin Complex***.

Lightweight and hydrating, Mist & Fix instantly refreshes the skin and revives the complexion.

* 12H hold, instrumental test on 22 subjects
** Instrumental test on 10 subjects
*** Ingredient tested in vitro
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