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The Flex Belt is an FDA-cleared toning belt, and has gone from strength to strength with endorsements from athletes, actresses and celebrities, and a customer base of 2 million people worldwide. Product Analyst Bill Bertens tested the product, and found that its success lied in a combination of powerful results and a discreet fit for greater usability.

"The belt is so unobtrusive that users can wear it at work, around the home, walking to the shops; anywhere at all. They can get a turbo-charged abdominal workout in 30 minutes, and still get on with their daily routine," said Bertens in his Flex Belt review.

The Flex Belt works all of the abdominal muscles together, using a slow but powerful contraction, hold and release trio of movements. Using three medical-grade gel pads positioned around the belt, the signals reach out to nerves where they are most concentrated, and stimulate the muscles causing them to contract and relax naturally.
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