Salon Quality Nail Polish Set - 20 Piece

Amazon is offering this Salon Quality Nail Polish Set - 20 Piece for only $16.99 plus free shipping on orders $35 or more or with Amazon Prime.
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What's the matter?
kevin_4u2nv Jun 17, 2013
bad review in Amazon. beware.
MrBklynW Feb 16, 2013
not too bad of a great. thanks for sharing
Dexterous Feb 15, 2013
so many nail polish for that price is really great
aoobuu Feb 15, 2013
The price is really nice!
tpark6283 Feb 15, 2013
A guarantee that you wont get doubles is great! This is a great deal!
Durr21 Feb 15, 2013
This is awesome my girlfriend would love this thanks for sharing
dealio23 Feb 15, 2013
WOW! This is a huge set of nail polish for the price! I'd be set for a couple years, thanks!
rockinnrolla Feb 15, 2013
SMOKING price for all of this nail polish! AWESOME find!
bbattag Feb 15, 2013
I don't buy nail polish, but seems like a good deal at under a buck each
additc Feb 15, 2013
Wow, this is so cheap
glwrks Feb 15, 2013
It's amazing all the cool nail techniques you can find on You Tube...the girls good have a fun party with a set like this:)
hemalaa Feb 15, 2013
20 nailmpolish bottles for $18 is amazing. Good deal.
ancagavs Feb 15, 2013
wow, 20 pieces for $18? seems to be a great deal.
blackfoot Feb 14, 2013
Good deal on so many bottles of nail polish, a color for almost every day of the month.
ancagavs Feb 15, 2013
yup, a lot of bottles. it's an excellent deal :) I like having a lot of bottles :)
deby32953 Feb 14, 2013
I'm going to have so much fun with this set! Love the colors & mine are soooo old!
ancagavs Feb 15, 2013
yeah, mine too. maybe it's time to buy a new set :)
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deby32953 Feb 15, 2013
We need to buy 2 new sets since it's only a service for 4.
seanvcxz Feb 14, 2013
I'm going to have to make sure my wife doesn't see this one. She already has an entire purse full of nail polish.
boricua1 Feb 14, 2013
this is a great deal..gonna let my girlfriend know about this
skaro964 Feb 14, 2013
I would like everyone to enjoy this deal while it lasts.
Jazmine_ilene Feb 14, 2013
Awesome price for this amount of nail polish. very nice find. Thanks
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erick99 Feb 14, 2013
That's less than a dollar each and I know bottles of polish have got to be more than that. Other than maybe getting some colors you can't use it seems like a great deal.
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ancagavs Feb 15, 2013
I think we'll use the colors that aren't very attractive just because it's a great deal :)
FibroMom Feb 14, 2013
At less than a dollar a bottle my toes and fingers can stay happy for a LONG time with this great deal! Thanks! :)
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LisaNtom08 Feb 14, 2013
Wow great price drop. This is really a good deal . 20 sets for less than a dollar a piece. Great price!
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