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What's the matter?
blueraining Jan 21, 2011
Great, thanks for sharing :)
twgibson Jan 20, 2011
Get 2% cashback on stuff you buy at too
omegafemale Jan 20, 2011
new items added, now from $1.00
branie Jan 09, 2011
The connection would be the items in the deal, not the name of our Titles!!! All three "deals" advertise Walmart's clearance merchandise. The issue is the deal was submitted by three different people. My title was different that is all, my post takes you to THE CLEARANCE AREA just like here.

I just want the correct person (whomever it is at this point) to get credit for this and asked the mods to please look into this Please :)
Acarone Jan 09, 2011
Your posts do all go to the same urls, but the clearance section of a website is always changing (titles and deals). It's much like posting a deal from a daily deal site, same url but different deals. In this case, same url, different sale. If you had updated your older post first (maybe change the title, maybe say new items have been added, etc.) you could have earned credit. If you have any questions go ahead and send me a message.
branie Jan 08, 2011
I also posted this back 14 days ago, same stuff more or less clearance is clearance I named it after Christmas sale as it was "AFTER CHRISTMAS AND A SALE WAS GOING TO BE TAKING PLACE" 14 DAYS ago...wangruigang1985 edited shortly after I posted not sure exactly what he did and if he is edit earned him any credit?

Mods any thoughts???
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NiftyThrifty Jan 09, 2011
I really don't see the connection of the "After Christmas Sale". But, this one is the same. But, anyways, I really don't have an issue. I just put "repost", because that is what happens to me, and they were the same. No biggy.
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mdgirl Jan 07, 2011
Please let us know why you give this deal thumb down.
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omegafemale Jan 07, 2011
Over 1100 items!