SOUND+SLEEP nomad Travel Adaptive Sound Sleep Therapy System

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A drug-free sleep aid, the SOUND+SLEEP nomad Sleep Sound Machine is designed to provide a realistic and natural sound environment. Each nomad includes the highest quality natural sound recordings composed in real-time into non-repetive SoundStories. Designed for travel, the nomad can be run off of AC power, batteries, or USB power. You can use the high quality audio of the nomad to listen to music or movies from your PC, smartphone, or MP3 player. The nomad has been designed especially for use at nighttime allowing users to sleep more and sleep more soundly. It contains a new generation of Adaptive Sound Technology for better response to a wide range of annoying noises. Its six high-quality SoundStories provide rich and natural sound ecosystems in an attractive case that complements any bedroom or dorm room. The nomad includes controls to personalize the sounds to your individual preferences. Two operating modes combine with tactile buttons and display lighting controls for easy operation at night. The nomad can be set to run continuously, or under timer control.SoundStory favorites are White Noise, Ocean, Brook, Meadow and Rainfall.
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