24K 6 Gold Foil Rose Best Gift for Christmas (Exquisite Gift Box)

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24K Gold Leaf.

This is a great gift for guys to buy, that any girlfriend would love to receive.

Rose - Roses are always great for a wife or girlfriend to receive. Somehow, roses are able to evoke positive reactions and responses from any woman. Women love to receive roses as a gift! It has been that way since time began.

Gold - Also something every woman loves. It is timeless and extravagant. It is a precious metal of pedigree. It has always been highly esteemed and sought after... and it still is. And most importantly, gold makes a woman feel special.

We have combined the two most impressive gifts you can give a woman, roses and gold, to make 24k gold roses! If you buy this you will be sure to impress her because you will be giving her a gift that will retain its beauty and form while forever reminding her of you.
These precious golden roses will last forever! The 24k gold rose is a unique and beautiful handcrafted gift for that special someone. The flower and petals of the wonderful golden rose are 99.9% pure gold foil.
If you can`t find the right words to express your love, why don`t you say it with flowers?
The golden rose is the perfect gift for your wife, girlfriend, mom or grandmother. Show them your affection with a valuable rose that lasts forever!
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