Daily Deal! 23" Round Wall Silver Sandblasted Mirror for Bedroom Bathroom

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1. Incomparable precision, permeability, flatness and quality of Pilkington mirror-making float glass.
2. Uses only plating silver of more than 700 mg/㎡ that can support reflectivity of 85%; Ultimately, the aluminum mirror will be eliminated through selection for easy oxidization.
3. The mirror, in accordance with the EN-1036 standard and other national standards guarantees durability and ependability.
4. Edge sealant effectively prevents silver and copper from connecting with moist air to avoid the phenomenon of black ges.
5. Precise equipment ensures precision and quality of machining.
6. Complete handicraft is regard as “Jack of all trades” in the industry.
7. Normal glass glue with indefinite PH is likely to corrupt painting and reflect film and neutral glass glue with PH=7 will not do any damage to reflect film and painting and ensure sticking stability and dependability of quality after test.
8. Self-produced hardware materials, handicraft, precision and quality of electroplating all belong to the first class domestically; the level of electroplating exceeds the national standard of ornamental mirrors which can satisfy the pursuit of quality and detail by customers.
9.  Production exactly according to ISO9000 international quality management system, all-dimensional solid quality control to ensure the quality of products.
10.  Attending in establishing the first civil ornamental mirror national standard, the mirrors all accord with national standard.
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