Konfor Ultrasonic Humidifier with Ions with Remote SPS-807

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The only Humidifier you will ever need!

KONFOR SPS-807 Digital Ultrasonic Humidifier can help make the dry winter months more livable. Its high-frequency vibration technology creates a micro-fine mist that immediately evaporates into the room creating a comfortable living and sleeping environment. This compact, ergonomic and virtually silent ultrasonic humidifier is loaded with features normally found in more expensive machines. The SPS-807 features a permanent, rechargeable, nano-silver and ceramic combination filter that control white dust, bacteria and mold. Other advances such as its capacity to generate healthy ions, or sets the SPS-807 in a class by itself. Its easy-set, push button controls, and built-in hygrostat that automatically adjust mist output to the desired humidity level, make the machine very easy-to-operate. Its large 1.6 gallon (6L) tank, and variable mist control, can humidify large or small rooms for up to up to 7 nights or 60 hours (when used in small rooms at the low mist setting.) on one refill. Drawing only 30 watts of power and not requiring any expensive consumable accessories such as wicks, pads or filters, can save your money over the long run. Advanced technologies, ease-of-use, and low maintenance cost, make the SPS-807 the logical choice for all your humidifying needs. Includes Instruction Manual English Version Remote control.
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