Koolatron Coca-Cola Vending Fridge

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What's the matter?
soulr3ap3r Apr 09, 2013
Before you guys dive into it hence the mega discount, the fridge has bad reviews all over!.
THartz606 Mar 27, 2013
Glad this is back again. I'll be sharing it with my friend since I think she'll like it.
MrBklynW Mar 27, 2013
very awesome item, glad to see it back again1
supermawmaw4 Mar 26, 2013
Wow this would be nice out by the pool
Mawhen Mar 26, 2013
Great way to have 10 cans of cold drinks ready anywhere! Great price drop!
dealio23 Mar 26, 2013
Wow, I think this is the lowest price I've seen on this fridge. Great price drop!
RealPage16 Mar 25, 2013
Great product nice looking machine and it's a huge price drop!
Nellysg Mar 25, 2013
This is very cool... especially to have in a mancave... definitely showing my husband!
ancagavs Mar 22, 2013
it's kinda cool if you think about it. I like the idea of having our own vending fridge :)
mnvikings11 Mar 22, 2013
Now that's a affordable little vending machine, wife loves Coke.
MrBklynW Mar 22, 2013
this is awesome, i love it. very nice find!
harbby Mar 21, 2013
This is very good, very suitable for summer use, there will be a lot of people like
krmills1 Mar 21, 2013
This looks really neat, something I could use in my office.
zacharyzblewski Mar 21, 2013
I'm going to get one for on my desk and fill it with Pepsi products... or beer.
blackfoot Mar 21, 2013
Very cool Coca Cola machine, really like items like this.
dvinegrace83 Mar 21, 2013
Ok that is super cute...i mean cool. I could imagine this in a man cave or something
alecupope Mar 21, 2013
wow, now this is really impressive. dibs! :)
additc Mar 21, 2013
These are fun to have for parties,
zoneric Mar 21, 2013
cool. I want one of these at home. a lot of fun with the friends.
nthsll Mar 21, 2013
My wife is a Diet Coke lover. If we had the spare counter space, I would pick this up for her.
THartz606 Mar 21, 2013
This is a cool little fridge. It doesn't hold a lot but it's cool. Thanks for the post.
alecupope Mar 21, 2013
@THartz606 doesn't matter that it doesn't hold too much. it's not like you drink that many cokes every day...right?
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THartz606 Mar 21, 2013
@Alecupope: Nope I don't drink a lot of soda. I don't think I've had any in the past two weeks to be honest lol.
poe601 Mar 21, 2013
Only holds ten cans, but it is pretty cool looking.
chuckydealpl Mar 21, 2013
this is cool, would look great in my game room
zoneric Mar 21, 2013
@chuckydealpl I know, I'm with you on this. would be cool to have it in a game room.
ukaran Mar 21, 2013
Very great Price for this Vending Fridge. Thanks for sharing.
casanova32 Mar 20, 2013
Enter the Vending is very good if it's full.
belarus94 Mar 20, 2013
Wow, this is great price. Bet this will sell fast.
cid681 Mar 12, 2013
I used to sell this at sharper image. It's cool, but often had some issues with the power.