PVI Solid Ramp, 3' x 30

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Limited Lifetime Warranty
Full platform provides excellent stability
Durable welded fabrication
Anti-slip, high traction surface
Accommodates wheelchairs and scooters with various wheel configurations
Safety video and steel security pins included
UL Listed
Maximum ramp capacity is 300 lbs on a single axle or 600 lbs on two axles
Weight - 15 lbs
Length - 3'
Width - 30"

PVI Ramp Selection Guidelines
Always have a qualified assistant present when using this or any other portable ramp.
Never exceed a slope greater than 2" on 12" with an occupied chair or scooter. Never exceed a slope greater than 3" on a 12" with an unoccupied chair or scooter.
Always make sure that the top of the ramp is secured on step or landing before using. It may be necessary to anchor top of ramp to landing surface with steel security pins provided.
Always follow the manufacture recommendations for chair or scooter.
Always use your lap belt.
Slope Recommendations
1:12 SLOPE (4.8°)
The ADA recommended slope for long (up to 30') home and commercial ramps.
Works for most strong unassisted manual chair users, although P.V.I. always recommends assistance.
2:12 SLOPE (9.5°)
Acceptable grade for portable ramp use by occupied chairs and scooters with qualified assistance. 3:12 SLOPE (14.5°)
For loading unoccupied chairs and scooters.

Watch safety video prior to use.

To determine the length of ramp for your application, first you need to determine the rise. The rise is the vertical measurement between the ground and where the top of the ramp is going to sit.

Prairie View Industries recommends not to exceed a 2:12 slope on most applications, unless you need to meet ADA (1:12 slope) requirements that are specified by your state. For public access buildings, check your state codes. Our portable ramps are intended for rises under 24". To find a 2:12 slope, take total amount of rise and divide by 2. If you have a 12" rise, divide by 2 and the resulting number in feet would be the length of ramp which is required for your space. In this example you would need a ramp that is 6' long. A 1:12 slope would require a ramp that is the same length in feet as your rise is in inches. A 12" rise would require a 12' ramp.

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