West Bend - QuikServ Toaster

Make perfect toast and bagels every time with the Quik Serve toaster. When toast is done, it slides through onto the tray. Electronic control provides consistent toasting at any of the six settings. Use the wide slot for thicker breads, bagels or waffles. Includes cancel button, removable serving tray and cord storage.

Perfect toast delivered in 90-seconds or less!
Toast slides through onto tray - ready to serve
Electronic control for consistent toasting at any of six settings
Bagel or Bread Setting: select bread setting to toast both sides, or bagel setting to toast one side
Cancel button stops toasting cycle
Wide slot accommodates thicker breads, bagels or waffles
Serving tray closes for storage and is easily removable for cleaning
Cool Touch exterior
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What's the matter?
THartz606 May 06, 2013
This is a cool toaster. I've never seen one like this before.
erick99 May 05, 2013
That is just the coolest looking toaster! I couldn't spend that much on a toaster but I can appreciate the design and styling.
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iowahawkeyes May 04, 2013
LOL I have never seen a toaster like it! It makes the toast perfectly and serves it in a tray!
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Jlowry May 04, 2013
wow technology is just so updated now
tpark6283 May 04, 2013
Wow, this is a great idea! Like we used to use at the diner but for home!
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xptrish May 04, 2013
@tpark6283 I'd never seen one like this before
tpark6283 May 04, 2013
@xptrish, it was a commercial one n u laid the toast/bagel/muffin or whatever on it and it fell down under when finished.
xptrish May 04, 2013
@tpark6283 wow,that's neat,nice to have this kind of model at home too. thanks for enlightening me! Lol