Warped Clock (Black)

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What's the matter?
ucrual Apr 27, 2012
Good to scare your friends.
ucrual Apr 27, 2012
Remember absurd theatre performances. In scenography such a show, it is mandatory to be a wall clock with a for like this. Good to scare your friends or for bars rockers.
bbattag Apr 26, 2012
Looks cool. But i wouldnt pay that much for a clock I can barely use
mnvikings11 Apr 26, 2012
That is really a different looking clock.
mikhaila Apr 26, 2012
this clock looks confusing.
sweetangelxxo Apr 26, 2012
So funny!!! Cute for a gift
additc Apr 26, 2012

Only $11.85 if you have prime.
Posted a long time ago, how did this one get front paged?
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dropslike Apr 26, 2012
This is something I've never seen! This could be a great present, I love it
oligumzo Apr 26, 2012
A must have for any fan of Dali.
pravallika Apr 26, 2012
Looking different!!
nthsll Apr 26, 2012
I like it, but I'm not completely sure I could tell time on this thing...
ReturninVideoTps Apr 26, 2012
For all you Dali fans out there, haha!
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krmills1 Apr 26, 2012
I love this clock! This would look great in an office or kids bedroom!
MrBklynW Apr 25, 2012
very cool looking clock, thank you!
jamesecho688 Apr 25, 2012
The clock is squeezed! but it is really cool.
Dexterous Apr 25, 2012
who squeezed these clock? Is that done by kids? This will be the reaction from guests.
aznballa161 Apr 25, 2012
unique looking item, this would definitely be a great gift
Brentheriot Apr 25, 2012
This is designed after the famous 1931 painting (The Persistence of Memory) by Salvador DalĂ­.
I remember having a poster of it in my room when I was little and it blew my mind :)

there's one on Amazon with Roman Numerals for $13.50 http://www.amazon.com/Westminister-2965-Time-Shelf-Clock/dp/B005AJUQIW
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arsiel Apr 25, 2012
Yes! Thank you. I couldn't think of the name of the painting but I knew exactly what it looked like
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iowahawkeyes Apr 25, 2012
Really unique Clock! Never seen a clock like it before.
gangstabarbie Apr 25, 2012
ok i would get this clock for myself only if i want my eye sight to get worse!
blackfoot Apr 25, 2012
weird clock. I'm sure it would capture a lot of attention from guests.
newjerseychickxo Apr 25, 2012
Love the clock! price is good too.Makes a great gift.Thanks
nimase85 Apr 25, 2012
That is an awesome clock =)
rockinnrolla Apr 25, 2012
Man is that one trippy clock! Feel like you have had 1 to many everytime you look at it! LOL
themoneyman1113 Apr 25, 2012
Never seen a warped clock before, how different. I sure would get a few comments about it. Nice deal.
stonekoldk Apr 25, 2012
These are so cool, be awesome for the media/music room. Awesome find.