Eclipse Glass Set 10-pc (3 STYLES)

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What's the matter?
ArtemisDeals Aug 11, 2012
These are very cool! And they also seem to be at a good price :)
panduola365 Aug 11, 2012
i like it
superquasar Aug 11, 2012
Great set. Price is good.
MrBklynW Aug 10, 2012
cool their back again, still a great price if you missed it last time
glwrks Aug 10, 2012
Love the dimples on the deal image best...good grip. Very similar to some my Mom had, wonder if the grip is why they outlasted other sets...
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dvinegrace83 Aug 10, 2012
i didn't think of it that way...good point! could very well help prevent a case of the butterfingers!
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deby32953 Aug 10, 2012
Don't they have a code that can go with these? I'm sure they do.
rockinnrolla Aug 10, 2012
I looked for one...
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deby32953 Aug 10, 2012
In case they do more shopping, you could add: $5 off $50 or more with code: SEARS2012

I ALWAYS add a code that might help sell the deal! What if they choose to buy 5 sets as gifts? I'd add it if I were you, but I'm not. Do as you wish. I won't update.
rockinnrolla Aug 10, 2012
Thanks deby I added it! :)
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deby32953 Aug 10, 2012
You didn't have to. I didn't mean to pressure you.
deby32953 Aug 10, 2012
...but since you did, why don't you bold the code? I ALWAYS do! SEARS2012 Love the way you added it!
Andy1023 Aug 01, 2012
This looks like a lot of fun! It's a good deal too. Thanks for posting it!
Subha83 Jul 30, 2012
Good price for the 10 glass set.Good find thanks for sharing.
ReturninVideoTps Jul 30, 2012
Nice set of glasses for the price! We're always running out
poe601 Jul 30, 2012
Good deal on set of 10 glasses and store pick up. 17 oz size is a large glass!
zoneric Jul 30, 2012
yeah, it's a very good deal. a very good find.
ancagavs Jul 30, 2012
excellent price for 10 pieces. excellent find.
MrBklynW Jul 29, 2012
this is a great price. we needed some new cups. Thank you!
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Dexterous Jul 29, 2012
a buck per glass is worthy, nice find
themoneyman1113 Jul 29, 2012
Ten 17 oz glasses. If we needed new glasses I would consider these in a heartbeat. They would make a good gift though and priced well. Thank you for the deal.
newjerseychickxo Jul 29, 2012
I'm always in need of glasses around my house. These will come in handy. Nice price. nice find.
blackfoot Jul 29, 2012
Good price for a set of 10, Nice design.
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shimisi Jul 29, 2012
Awesome price for a set of 10! Worth stopping by a Sears for. Thanks!
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FibroMom Jul 29, 2012
I like the look of these - makes me want a Ice Cold Glass of Lemonade! Nice price for this 10 piece set! Thanks for sharing this great deal. :)
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deby32953 Jul 29, 2012
Looking as these would make me seasick!
dvinegrace83 Jul 29, 2012
lol!! i was actually gonna say i kinda like the texture of these, but now htat u mention it my eyes do kinda hurt a little..
shopange08 Jul 29, 2012
I have these same glasses and love them! Great deal on these.. Nice find!
arsiel Jul 28, 2012
Great price for 10 glasses! I like how they're not the plain ones. A little design can't hurt (:
deby32953 Jul 29, 2012
Wow! I didn't notice that there were 10! All kidding aside, if I needed any more sets, I'd buy these for sure, for sure! Going to call my daughter to ask if she needs any!
lilywow Jul 28, 2012
I have a small obsession with glass sets. Thanks. Nice find