10W LED Grow Light, Venoya Desk Grow Lamp for Indoor Plants, Grow Light 8 Levels Dimmable with Flexible Gooseneck and Metal Clip for Bonsai, Pot Plant, Hydroponics, Horticultural Garden

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TARGETED SPECTRUM & WIDE APPLICATION. This light provides the wavelength that plant required (450nm-465nm 630nm-660nm etc). Widely used to Bonsai, Pot Plant, Pot Culture, hydroponics, greenhouse, plant factory, vertical farming, urban farming, tissue culture, horticulture, indoor gardening, indoor farming and so on. It is suitable for almost all the plants.

8 LEVELS DIMMING & RATIO. Can adjust the brightness in 8 levels for different stages of growing. Red 1, Red 2, Blue 1, Blue 2, Red 1 + Blue 1, Red 1 + Blue 2, Red 2 + Blue 1, Red 2 + Blue 2.

ENERGY-SAVING. Equal to 30W HPS grow light. 18 LEDs, LED maximum output power is 10W. Actual power consumption is 5-10W. Save money and happy growing.

ALUMINUM HOUSING. Venoya LED Grow Light is designed with Aluminum. Light weight but with perfect cooling capacity to protect LEDs and lead to a long life-span. Heat is the killer of LEDs.

EASY INSTALLATION. Made with flexible gooseneck and metal clip. Clamp firm and adjust the right beam angle and distance to the plant, power on, done!
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