(120-Pack) 100 Watt A19 Clear Standard Light Bulb 5000 Hour: 120-Pack (shipped free) - GraveyardMall

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agBear976 Nov 17, 2011
This is perfect for my family's small chocolate shop! Our chocolate tempering machine uses 100w bulbs, this should hold us over for a good while until we find a black market on these bulbs! AWESOME!
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fluffy Nov 17, 2011
A lot of incandescent bulbs will be exempt from the ban, like rough-service, 3-way, appliance, and colored bulbs, but sadly, they'll all cost considerably more than plain old general purpose bulbs. The US ban on 100W incandescents starts this January, so get 'em while you can!
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LemonadeLucy Nov 17, 2011
How awesome! These are going to be impossible to buy soon, everyone is switching to those horrible green bulbs. I am all for going green, but I want to see too!!! lol! Thanks for the great deal!!!!!
whatpoint77 Nov 17, 2011
we got new LED lights in our house... they're much brighter than the old bulbs.
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LemonadeLucy Nov 17, 2011
I am going to have to try those whatpoint77, thx for the recommendation!
briko3 Nov 17, 2011
Try the halogen bulbs. Look just like traditional both in form and light output, but are 30% more efficient which means they meet the new standard. The run about a buck or so per bulb.
joyeepriceangels Nov 16, 2011
Nice One
akaricke Nov 16, 2011
25 cents a bulb