3 Piece Vacuum Seal Bowl Lids

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3 Piece Vacuum Seal Bowl Lids

This ever-so-useful set of lids makes storing leftovers easier than ever. No matter the size or shape of the bowl, these easy to use vacuum seal lids will fit. Locking out air and vacuum sealing in freshness, the seal locks liquid tight - and holds for weeks! Put the lid on top of the bowl, ensuring the rim of the bowl touches the film. Press the center of the film to evacuate excess air, and voila! Vacuum sealed freshness. To release the lid, simply press the button on the frame. Save space from all those mismatched tupperware containers and get your vacuum seal lids today!

Includes 3 lids
Lids sizes: (1 pc) 4.75", (1 pc) 7.75", (1 pc) 9.75"
Fits any shape or size bowl, so long as the film is touching the top of the bowl
Easy to use
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