30 Liter Stainless Steel Wastecan With Bonus 5 Liter

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Stainless Steel Construction.
8-gallon/30-liter Capacity
Removable Inner liner with handle
Cover closes tightly to trap odors
Stylish brushed finish
Bonus 1.3-gallon/5-liter wastecan
Pedal Operated Lid
11.61 in. (29.5 cm) Diameter x 25.98 in. (66 cm) Height
Care Instructions wipe with Damp Cloth
5L Bonus Wastecan 8.07" (20.5cm) Diameter x 10.83" (27.5cm) Height
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What's the matter?
dealio23 Apr 13, 2013
This is probably the lowest price I've seen for trash cans like this. Awesome deal!
Brentheriot Jan 30, 2013
Sounds like a great deal If you can get the extra $5 for signing up
Durr21 Jan 06, 2013
This is a good deal and a great price thanks for your post.
Nellysg Jan 05, 2013
Wow this is a great find and price
additc Jan 04, 2013
this is $12 cheaper than the Costco set I saw a few weeks back
s_m1978 Jan 03, 2013
Very nice price for duo...I am sure I can find more items and get free shipping.
dvinegrace83 Jan 02, 2013
this looks like it would suit my needs.. i don't need any of the fancier functions than that.
blackfoot Jan 02, 2013
Good price for both trash cans, nice find.
lotuslove19 Jan 02, 2013
Definitely have to pick one up!The bonus small can makes it a great deal altogether.
jimmyngouv Jan 02, 2013
$8 shipping kinda kills the deal for me. Anyone know any free shipping code?
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shimisi Jan 02, 2013
Very nice. The bonus 5-liter can makes it a great deal altogether.
fobulous Jan 02, 2013
Great deal! Bonus bin goes for around $10 by itself!
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Peppee Jan 02, 2013
Superb off.. good find..
YesBoss Jan 02, 2013
Nice Find, Time To Buy New Can. Thanks For Sharing The Post.
THartz606 Jan 02, 2013
Great price made even better with the $5 from the email. Thanks for the post.
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ReturninVideoTps Jan 02, 2013
Nice pair! We've been looking for some new trash cans, so this is a good find
rockinnrolla Jan 02, 2013
Great price for 2 garbage cans! Thanks for sharing!
natarajansaktive Jan 02, 2013
I am not able to express my joy after seeing this very good deal. Nice find
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shopange08 Jan 01, 2013
Great deal on this set! Nice find
vimalr Jan 01, 2013
very good deal for the SS bins. Though it has the MIR still a nice deal.
Dealprince Apr 13, 2013
@vimalr What is a SS bin and what does MIR mean?
xptrish Apr 13, 2013
@vimalr ss=Stainless Steel nad MIR was Mail In Rebate,but uts not a rebate,it's signing up for emails and you will get a $5 coupon
Dexterous Jan 01, 2013
not bad after MIR but i dont love to get one, cause i had problems with these rebate in past
xptrish Jan 01, 2013
Not really a rebate,just sign up for emails and get $5 apply that towards price.There wasn't another way I could figure to put in the price with the $5 extra savings.
arsiel Jan 01, 2013
Super deal for stainless steel trashcans. I was hoping for a full 13 gallon one but this is nice too. How's shipping?
poe601 Jan 01, 2013
One heck of a price for the pair, worth the rebate wait here.
xptrish Jan 01, 2013
Not actually a rebate,just sign up for emails and they send you a $5 code that you can apply towards purchase
poe601 Jan 01, 2013
Thanks even better, I just signed up!
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dealio23 Jan 01, 2013
Wow this is a fantastic deal on TWO stainless steel trash cans. Definitely have to pick one up!
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Jazmine_ilene Jan 01, 2013
Very great price for this wastecan. Love the fact that we get a free little one too. This is difinitley a great deal
FibroMom Jan 01, 2013
Awesome find! Fantastic price on just the large one - but getting the small one thrown is is the best deal I have seen on a set like this! Thanks! :)