4-Tier Shelf Rack

Price After coupon Code 94051495 Or Buy @In-Store Coupon

This shelf rack can hold up to 176 lbs. worth of items to save space in your workshop or garage and store them with easy accessibility! The tough polypropylene construction on this shelving won’t dent or rust and the compact design allows the shelf rack to fit in any corner of your work area. A great addition for any home or workshop to have tools and items organized and accessible!
Rugged polypropylene construction, won't dent or rust
14-1/2'' between shelves
Compact design for easy storage
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What's the matter?
additc Mar 01, 2013
this is cheap, but the last time i ordered something they cancelled it.
alecupope Feb 28, 2013
great price. I will check it out. I can stuff some stuff on it.
zacharyzblewski Feb 27, 2013
I'll be stopping at our local store to check this out.
ilene285 Feb 27, 2013
Perfect for the garage. The price is right.
shopange08 Feb 27, 2013
This would be great in my garage to organize my clutter. Thanks!
MrBklynW Feb 27, 2013
awesome price. thanks for sharing!
Dexterous Feb 26, 2013
cheapest price? nice find
blackfoot Feb 26, 2013
Nice storage shelf, anything to keep me better organized:)
themoneyman1113 Feb 26, 2013
Harbor Freight really makes me happy, they always have such good deals. Thanks for this, I may see if this is in store tomorrow after work as I will be driving by there, thanks :--)
akaricke Feb 26, 2013
Just over 4' high with good reviews. The shipping is flat rate and I needed to order some other stuff anyhow.
mikhaila Feb 26, 2013
the new price is 14.99 still a killer deal though!
solowkoe Feb 26, 2013
i would also like a couple of these for the garage. nice price.
FibroMom Feb 26, 2013
This will be great to help with my "Spring Project" of getting our garage organized! Thanks - super price! :)
Subha83 Feb 26, 2013
Nice price even with shipping also.thanks for sharing.
tpark6283 Feb 26, 2013
Nice for some more basement shelving. Thanks!
poe601 Feb 26, 2013
Great price even with shipping and I can use a couple more of these in my garage.
glwrks Feb 26, 2013
The $6.99 shipping is flat rate...I may consider 2 or 3.
rockinnrolla Feb 26, 2013
GREAT price for this rack! I could use another one in my garage. Thanks for sharing!
EzzyLovesToSave Feb 25, 2013
More storahe for a SUPER price!...and I'm gonna need it for the dreaded spring cleaning:)
rd995 Feb 25, 2013
it might be a good idea if you have one in town to pick it up at the store and save the shipping nice deal thanks for sharing