Outdoor Deck Box Brown 71 gal.

Shipped and Sold By Bargain Outfitters
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What's the matter?
ivyzyy Jan 17, 2013
good price, it will be a good idea to have one in my garden.
solowkoe Jan 10, 2013
great price and still live. Sweet, thanks for the post.
dvinegrace83 Jan 09, 2013
i love storage like this. looks like it would blend nicely with the backyard decor too
newjerseychickxo Jan 09, 2013
Love it. I'm always searching around the house for a container to hold my outdoor items in. This will be perfect.
solowkoe Jan 09, 2013
very nice price for the size. I wish they would have made it like a bench, so that you could sit on it as well.
ancagavs Jan 09, 2013
great price drop and an excellent find. you can store a lot of things in this.
EzzyLovesToSave Jan 08, 2013
Stylish!...with a SUPER cheap price:)
mikhaila Jan 08, 2013
Great deal here. This is a huge box lol. I bet it's heavy,
ancagavs Jan 09, 2013
especially if you store in it stuff :)
Dexterous Jan 08, 2013
big box good price, nice find
aoobuu Jan 08, 2013
I need the box for my bedroom. Thanks a lot and the price is nice.
blackfoot Jan 08, 2013
Huge box for the price, lots of storage space.
bbattag Jan 08, 2013
This is a great deck box. I have one similar to this and I love it
seanvcxz Jan 08, 2013
This is exactly what we need at our house! Our deck has a bunch of junk on it. It would be awesome to be able to just storage it instead!
rd995 Jan 08, 2013
thats a big box for the price perfect if you have a pool nice deal half price
YesBoss Jan 08, 2013
Nice Find, Looks Like Its Very Good price .
naturaldeal Jan 08, 2013
This is a good price, nice find
WideAnglePhoto Jan 08, 2013
nice BIG box!! The price drop on this is great!
deby32953 Jan 08, 2013
We need one of these SO badly for all the pool toys!
tpark6283 Jan 08, 2013
This quite a size for that price, what a find!!
themoneyman1113 Jan 08, 2013
Nice size! The outdoor storage items are so expensive, this one looks like a decent size and priced awesome, thanks for sharing.
rockinnrolla Jan 08, 2013
This deck box would look great on mine! Nice price and find! :D
poe601 Jan 08, 2013
I have this and it holds a lot and this price is half of what I paid!
ArtemisDeals Jan 07, 2013
Wow this seems like a really good price for this deck box.
arsiel Jan 07, 2013
Best price I've seen for an outdoor storage bin so large. Good find! It looks like it's free shipping even without Prime membership too.
MrBklynW Jan 07, 2013
that is a once find. pretty large capacity. 70 gallons is pretty big. i think the largest i seen for this price range is 60 gals.