Anti-Gravity Lounger- Northwest Territory

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What's the matter?
MdavidK30 Sep 09, 2012
This is really tempting to get...
drewskidooo Sep 05, 2012
These chairs looks so fun! One of these days I'm going to break down and buy one!
deal Sep 05, 2012
Yeah this is definitely the cheapest I have ever seen for an Anti-Gravity Lounger. Very nice find. I am in for 1. =]
briin79 Sep 05, 2012
didnt work for 32 with tax its right back to 39 or so. but still biting! thanks!
MdavidK30 Sep 05, 2012
Anti Gravity chair????
omegafemale Sep 05, 2012
what was the previous "add to cart" price cuz the price is a bit more today ($39.99/$35.99 with code) - tho still a good price ;)
figstores Sep 05, 2012
Something that would make this chair better would be a massage feature.
nthsll Sep 05, 2012 I think I'ma hafta buy one. I dont see them getting much cheaper tha this.
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rockinnrolla Sep 05, 2012
HAHA! I think the time has come nutshell! :P
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nthsll Sep 05, 2012
Yep. So you cost me 32 bones this mornin' Rockin'. Thanks a lot. ;-)
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rockinnrolla Sep 05, 2012
I am good for making men spend $$$! ;P
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nthsll Sep 05, 2012
Oh I bet you are. Or spending it for them? ;-)
ancagavs Sep 05, 2012
another lounger that gets front-paged. people really like this kind of chairs I see.
andrewceban Sep 05, 2012
my dad will be happy ))
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MrBklynW Sep 04, 2012
great price for a gravity chair, one of the cheapest i've seen it for!
iowahawkeyes Sep 04, 2012
there have been a lot of deals on anti gravity chairs on this sitelately and this 1 is the beast I have seen.
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blackfoot Sep 04, 2012
Looks like a real nice chair to take to the beach or a picnic at the park.
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taratstock Sep 04, 2012
I bought this chair & love it!! Wish I would've got it at this price
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gginobi Sep 04, 2012
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Christine Sep 04, 2012
these seem soo awesome...but still a little pricey for a chair =(
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poe601 Sep 04, 2012
With store pick up this is the best price I have seen.
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bbattag Sep 04, 2012
This is a good price. Big Lots had them once for $33, but thats the cheapest Ive ever seen them.
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electronicssale Sep 04, 2012
very nice! very cheap!
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shopange08 Sep 04, 2012
Nice deal on this! I've been wanting to buy one of these chairs.. I think at this price, I'll be pulling the trigger.. Thanks!
arsiel Sep 04, 2012
Best price I've seen on one of those anti gravity chairs! What's the big deal about these things?
shimisi Sep 04, 2012
You've never sat in one of these? They are comfortable! Maybe it's the fact that you can adjust how far back your chair leans, and the angle can vary each time. Great price!