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ARILUX® PL-GL 01 E27 12W/24W LED Plant Grow Light Lamp Bulb for Garden Hydroponics Greenhouse Organic Indoor

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Product Description:
The ARILUX PL-GL01 LED E27 plant grow light provides a strong beam of photosynthesis promoting light to maximize yield and plant development.
ARILUX carefully selected the electromagnetic spectrum of the LED bulbs to create a perfect balance of blue and red that enhances not only
germination but also maximizes overall plant health and yield.
The PL-GL01 LED plant grow light is also designed to be environmentally friendly and extremely energy-efficient, it is one of the most cost
effective ways to artificially enhance growth.
By adopting LED technology they are not only super energy efficient but also run cooler than other types of grow lights.
In an indoor setup heat can be a problem but with ARILUX's cool running bulbs you no longer need a strong ventilation system to keep the temperature down.
Setup is simple, you can simply use them in any E27 or E26 lamp housing, they can then be operated just like a normal lamp, not ballasts or custom wiring needed.
ARILUX grow lights are ideal for use in places where there is low naturally occurring light or in an indoor environment.

Certification: CE, RoHS
Power Factor:>0.85
Insulation class:class III
Protection grade:IP44
Emitting light colors:Red and Blue
Red light wavelength:640~660nm,3pcs/620~630nm,6pcs
Blue light wavelength:460~470nm, 3pcs
Environment Temperature:Max 58℃
Environment Humidity:65%
LED quantity:9(R)+3 ( B ) = 12 pcs
LED light source:LED (1W/3W) + aluminum plate
Lens: Acrylic light transmittance > 80%
The radiator:Aluminum fins, anodic oxidation treatment
The wiring:24 # wire standard parts surface tin plated copper wire processing

-Scientifically engineered to maximize plant growth
-Designed to dissipate heat and keep cool even with continuous use
-Low power consumption and high luminous efficiency
-Ultra long life LED bulbs
-Universal E27 bulb makes setup and use easy

Package Included:
1 X ARILUX® PL-GL 01 E27 LED Grow Light

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