Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector

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Search the backyard, beach, or park for all kinds of valuable metal from iron relics to gold coins
Motion all-metal mode and trash elimination control help you find only the treasure you want
Requires 2 9-volt alkaline batteries (sold separately)
Includes earphone with jack for private searches of streets and crowded beaches
1-year limited warranty
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What's the matter?
plusit Mar 19, 2013
Can't wait to take it to the beach this summer.
krmills1 Jul 29, 2012
When i was younger i always saw people metal detecting at the beach and it seems like lately this hobby has gone away.
tpark6283 Jul 29, 2012
My coworker will be very interested in this! Thanks!!
ReturninVideoTps Jul 29, 2012
Good price for a metal detector. For whatever reason, these things are usually really expensive.
Brentheriot Jul 29, 2012
Perfect timing for a deal on this! My sons bday is almost here!
erick99 Jul 29, 2012
Glad to see this made the Front Page. Bounty Hunter is a great brand and this is not a toy, it's a pretty serious metal detector. The price is really great. Wish I could plus this again lol
zoneric Jul 29, 2012
very nice. I'd love to go on a treasure hunt with one of these. how deep does it detect metal?
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MrBklynW Jul 28, 2012
this is a great price for a metal detecter. nice find
shopange08 Jul 28, 2012
I've always wanted to try one of these and see what I come up with.. My boyfriend lives very close to the beach--maybe we'll find something worth at least $65 to pay for this metal detector! :)
dvinegrace83 Jul 28, 2012
i'd prob have more luck with this than playing the lottery or slots haha
iowahawkeyes Jul 28, 2012
I have always wanted one of these, and since it's now within arms reach ima try this one out!
deal Jul 28, 2012
Yeah I also always wanted one of these to see if I can find some gold on the beach. =]
wdjdac Jul 28, 2012
I've always wanted one of these and this one doesn't look that expensive, thanks for sharing. I wish I had a bigger budget :-)
VirginiaPeanuts Jul 28, 2012
my friend found a confederate button with a medal detector!
mnvikings11 Jul 28, 2012
I haven't seen a decent metal detector in ages, so i just might get this.
THartz606 Jul 28, 2012
My mom loves using her metal detector. She's found some pretty cool things in our yard too. :)
blackfoot Jul 28, 2012
Good price. Metal Detectors can be a fun item to have sometimes, especially when you find something of value.
branie Jul 28, 2012
My brother in law would love this, it would keep him busy forever, what a great and unique find. Thanks for the post.
glwrks Jul 28, 2012
My husband could also save a fortune on truck tires, by sweeping for nails dropped on construction sites (and our driveway);)
poe601 Jul 28, 2012
This looks like a really good price, usually they are a lot more, great gift idea!
deby32953 Jul 28, 2012
My son wants one of these really badly!
FibroMom Jul 28, 2012
Ohhhh - maybe I'll get lucky while beach-combing and find some good stuff with this! :) Nice price and it seems to do a lot for the price - Thanks for sharing this deal! :)
rd995 Jul 28, 2012
This looks like a good price to start a new hobby
ancagavs Jul 28, 2012
I'd also love to have one of these for some treasure hunting :)
erick99 Jul 27, 2012
erick99 Jul 27, 2012
I have a Bounty Hunter metal detector and like it a lot. I looked at the three big names such as White before settling on the model I bought. This particular model is very good and $65 is a good price.
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rockinnrolla Jul 27, 2012
Have you found anything interesting??? I REALLY want to get one! It would keep me busy ALL day! :)
erick99 Jul 27, 2012
I have never found anything particularly valuable but I've also not gone to the places where you might find that sort of stuff. Try under bleachers at stadiums and sports places, playgrounds, beaches, and anywhere else where people hang out.