Bounty® Select-A-Size Perforated Paper Towel Rolls, 2-Ply, 8/Case

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What's the matter?
vimalr Jan 05, 2012
Good deal. Will try this.
Florida2Texas Jan 05, 2012
Can someone clarify what 2-Ply, 8/Case means? Is it 2 packs of 8 rolls each? So making it a total of 16 rolls for $8.99? Thanks in advance :)
keval76 Jan 05, 2012
2-ply refers refers to the thickness of the sheet. All bounty towels are 2-ply. There are 8 rolls in the pack.
Florida2Texas Jan 05, 2012
Thanks a lot for the response! :)
glwrks Jan 05, 2012
These "Select-A-Size" last so much longer for us...we rarely need a full sheet. Thanks!
poe601 Jan 05, 2012
Good deal especially with the free shipping! Thanks
hemalaa Jan 05, 2012
Free shipping....Great!! Ordered one.
psplove Jan 04, 2012
Wow. great deal, every one need to use it everyday!
MHT962 Jan 04, 2012
I can't easily tell how large these rolls are (Big, Giant, or what) but for a little over $1 a piece they should be a great deal no matter how big.
keval76 Jan 05, 2012
Staples states "84 sheets per roll": Doesn't fit into any of the Bounty catagories, but seems to be in between Giant and Mega:

Number of regular size sheets & square feet per roll:
* Regular: 52 (43.6 square feet)
* Big: 70 (58.8 square feet)
* Giant: 78 (65.5 square feet)
* Mega: 87 (69.7 square feet)
* Mega Plus: 96 (80.6 square feet)
* Super Mega: 104 (87.3 square feet)
* Huge ("biggest Bounty roll ever"): 130 (109.2 square feet = ~2.5X the regular roll)

Price comparison (per sheet)

0.019775390625 Amazon
0.017821428571 Wal-Mart
0.013377976190 Staples (this deal)

This is clearly the best deal......stock up!
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MHT962 Jan 05, 2012
Thanks, keval76, you did a lot of research. Looks like it will be a decent size at a very good price! Thanks again.
zoelee Jan 04, 2012
It qualifies free shipping to home