Bow Rake with Fiberglass Handle

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xrjohn May 27, 2013
really great deal, thank you!!
barang_square May 25, 2013
I need and wanted to get one, but it is not available at the sears near my house.
LindaKNor May 24, 2013
Great price. Thanks for sharing.
lilywow May 24, 2013
Cheapest rake I have ever seen
poe601 May 24, 2013
Awesome deals on yard tools, great find!
akaricke May 24, 2013
That is super cheap and I actually need one.
dealio23 May 23, 2013
Great deal on this rake! Thanks for sharing
deby32953 May 23, 2013
I should've got this for hubby's b-day but then again, he probably had forgotten how to use one since we have a lawn service!
nimase85 May 23, 2013
This is a really great price for this rake I will be sure to share this deal... Thanks for sharing...
HomeSavings May 23, 2013
Great price. #rake
dddsss May 23, 2013
too bad i don't need rake, but need lots of other garden tools including a scythe! any deals on those?
dddsss May 23, 2013
wow, why so low? a daily special? overstock??
Dexterous May 23, 2013
good to see the price of rake is going down
dvinegrace83 May 23, 2013
got one of those poly kind, but i'm th inking i need something more heavy duty like this to really tackle a lot of the weeds that have been sprouting out lately!
LisaNtom08 May 23, 2013
Everyone needs one of these! Can't beat the price
DealLeader May 23, 2013
Nice rake. Can't believe they make money on this.
Durr21 May 23, 2013
Nice rake really good price thanks for sharing
Jazmine_ilene May 23, 2013
Great price for this. Ill definitely be passing this along. Thanks for sharing
bbattag May 23, 2013
Out of stock everywhere near me unfortunately
YesBoss May 23, 2013
Nice Find, Good Price For Bow Rake with Fiberglass Handle .
kevin07 May 23, 2013
this is very good! I bought one 5 days ago when it was $2.35 :) still excellent price
FibroMom May 23, 2013
AWESOME PRICE! Ordered for my NO LONGER VISIBLE driveway (due to pine-needles! Thanks - now to get my hubby to work! ;)
chuckydealpl May 23, 2013
great deal, they actually have this in my area. thanks
newjerseychickxo May 19, 2013
Nice price on the rake. This is a must for me to have. Seems to be made very study too:)
sorinlandiana May 19, 2013
when I mowed the lawn, I realized that I need one of these.
Ivetteleon May 19, 2013
Just the tool I was looking for and for this price it can't be beat.
alecupope May 19, 2013
@Ivetteleon maybe the price will drop more and you can beat the price.
xrjohn May 19, 2013
good deal, i need new tools.
seanvcxz May 19, 2013
This would make a great pair with the shovel on the front page. You could get both for under $10.
ancagavs May 19, 2013
a good price for this rake. very useful if you live in a house. can't use it if you live in an apartment.
shopange08 May 18, 2013
Really good price for this rake! Thanks for sharing
lotuslove19 May 18, 2013
I just needed a new one for my back yard,thanks for the post.
mikhaila May 18, 2013
cool rake this would be great in the fall
blackfoot May 18, 2013
Good price for a rake, my neighbor just borrowed mine, need to let him know about this deal.
backspace May 18, 2013
Sears always have good price for tools like this..thanks for sharing
erick99 May 18, 2013
A nice rake to go with the shovel that is on sale. Go Sears!
wzhenwei May 18, 2013
Cheap price, I need one for summer .thanks for sharing it!
bbattag May 18, 2013
That's a really good deal on a bow rake with fiberglass
littlexu May 18, 2013
Great price for a Bow Rake. Nice find and thanks for sharing.
rd995 May 18, 2013
good price on this rake store pick up works fine for me thanks for posting
branie May 18, 2013
Good buy, even if it last a year or two, thanks!!
LindaKNor Apr 02, 2013
I need to head to Sears and replace my worn out yard tools.
ancagavs May 19, 2013
@LindaKNor I want to live in a house...and have work to do around it...but can't afford to buy a house yet...we live in an apartment.
dealwagger Nov 17, 2012
Cool--it's always great to buy ahead when you can take advantage of a good deal! Fiberglass is tough too, this should last.