Bowflex Body Fat, Body Water, Bone Mass & Muscle Mass Bath Scale

$3.99 Flat Rate Shipping

12.2” x 12” tempered glass platform
2” dual line LCD readout with Accu-Glo™ blue backlight
Will estimate body fat, body water, bone mass and muscle mass
Cal-Max™ calculates daily calories required to maintain your current weight
Accurate to 400-lb / 200-kg in 0.2-lb / 0.1 kg increments
Separate weight only / Athlete mode
Memory for 10 users
3-AAA batteries included
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What's the matter?
nthsll Apr 02, 2013
Body weight analysis scales are universally not recognized as being accurate or a good indicator of actual body fat. Too many variables can make them inaccurate. Skin moisturization, dehydration, water retention. I had one and on one day it might say my body fat was 8% (BAHAHAHAHA...right) and another day 22%.

20 bucks is a good price for one, just know that they are only accurate in measuring the effects of gravity on your body mass (at best). Nothing else.
ukaran Apr 02, 2013
This DOCTOR is necessary for Everybody. Really a nice and very great find.
THartz606 Apr 02, 2013
Great price for the scale. I'll have to see about picking it up. Thanks for the post.
nimase85 Apr 01, 2013
This seems like a great price for such a talented scale ;) I will be sure to pass this deal on
mnvikings11 Apr 01, 2013
I really need this right now, thanks for posting.
Christine Apr 01, 2013
wow that's a lot of information on a scalee....dont think i need to know all that =p heheh
backspace Apr 01, 2013
Great price for all in one Scale..give it a try !
tpark6283 Apr 01, 2013
That is a really great price for a regular scale, let alone one with all of these features :)
littlexu Apr 01, 2013
This scale looks so elegant and nice price too. Great find and thanks for sharing.
naturaldeal Apr 01, 2013
This will help to track my body weight
blackfoot Apr 01, 2013
Huge price drop, nice scale for the money.
Nellysg Apr 01, 2013
Wow good deal on this scale even with shipping!
glwrks Apr 01, 2013
This would be good for a family member on their way to recovery after surgery. Make sure enough calories are taken in, and no unexpected changes occurring.
FibroMom Apr 01, 2013
NOT sure I really want to know my results... but a great deal (even though I refuse to believe the results!) ;)
jasoned Apr 01, 2013
@FibroMom I'm with you. If I don't want to know the results, then I probably need this.
mikhaila Apr 01, 2013
I've heard some good reviews about this scale from a couple friends I know. I've never tried it but for this price I wouldn't mind
LindaKNor Apr 01, 2013
Nice price drop. Would imagine since the scale is from Bowflex, that is should be good quality.
branie Apr 01, 2013
This scale tells all your secrets I guess? Not sure I would like to know this information on a daily basis, lol. But good price if indeed it does what it says..
Brentheriot Mar 31, 2013
Claims to be able to tell you just about everything. Wonder how accurate it is?