Centrex Plastics, LLC 18-Gallon General Tote

Another $1 price drop

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Dexterous Jan 28, 2013
unavailable for shipping or pick up, there is no meaning of this deal for me
Acarone Jan 28, 2013
not available at my location, but great deal! another price drop
LokaFreeThings2 Jan 27, 2013
Awesome! I needed a new one of these. They're perfect for toys!
chuckydealpl Jan 27, 2013
found some in Alaska, so unless you live near there, you may need some luck in finding some by you
abu5692 Jan 27, 2013
Super low price but most store showing "Currently Unavailable"
Brentheriot Jan 26, 2013
Great clearance price just b/c it's Christmas colors! You have to love it ... & stock up
shimisi Jan 26, 2013
Great. Was just waiting for another awesome deal like this. Thanks!
dddsss Jan 26, 2013
reviewer says "not waterproof". could i use as veggie planter?
dddsss Jan 26, 2013
looks pink on my monitor, but guess it's red?
dddsss Jan 26, 2013
Depth (Inches) 24 x Width (Inches) 16.75 x Height 14''
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branie Jan 26, 2013
Great, I need a few green and red bins as some of my Christmas stuff is overflowing and I still didnt take the lights of the trees outside, so this is timely for sure, thanks
helloamy1977 Jan 26, 2013
All gone in my area :( Good luck to those who have them available still.
hemalaa Jan 26, 2013
For $2 this makes an awesome deal.
priyadan Jan 26, 2013
"Unavailable for This Order"!!!!! During check out!!!
seanvcxz Jan 26, 2013
That's the best deal I've seen on this totes. I hope the Lowe's by my house has these! We need a few.
chuckydealpl Jan 26, 2013
checked various zip codes near me, unfortunately none available
tanush6 Jan 26, 2013
$2 is the cheapest i have seen on these boxes.. very useful to hide laundry
vimalr Jan 26, 2013
nice price for the 18 gallon tote. Very good for storing.
chuckydealpl Jan 26, 2013
going to stock up at this price, great for storage and keeping things dry
zoneric Jan 26, 2013
excellent find. for 18 gallons, it's very good price.
ancagavs Jan 26, 2013
seems like a great price for the capacity. nice find!
alecupope Jan 26, 2013
great price for an 18 gallon tote. it has multipurpose.
natarajansaktive Jan 26, 2013
Really for 18 Gallon tote the Price is very Cheap. Nice Deal
dvinegrace83 Jan 26, 2013
clearly this is supposed to be for holiday stuff hence the color scheme, but you could use it for ANYTHING! great deal to take advantage of!
MrBklynW Jan 25, 2013
That is a great price, wow $2 for a 18 gal, nice!
ilene285 Jan 25, 2013
Wow. Now is the time to buy these at this price. Great deal.
nimase85 Jan 25, 2013
This is a great price for this storage bin I will be sure to pass it on to my mother she can always use more storage stuff... Thanks for sharing
arsiel Jan 25, 2013
This bin is HUGE. Super price for a great way to store pretty much anything!
dealio23 Jan 25, 2013
This is probably the lowest price I've seen on these totes. Nice!
rd995 Jan 25, 2013
really good price but not available in many stores might be worth checking different zip codes
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blackfoot Jan 25, 2013
Super low price for these totes, need to pick up a few.
themoneyman1113 Jan 25, 2013
For once my Lowes has an item advertised here on DP in stock. Thanks, I may pick up a few at this price. Thanks very much.
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branie Jan 26, 2013
Great minds think alike :) Now get those lights of the tree for me please it is way too cold :)
bbattag Jan 25, 2013
I have many of these. They are awesome. But none near me unfortunately
rockinnrolla Jan 25, 2013
SUPER price for a storage bin! I could use some more! Great find!
akaricke Jan 25, 2013
Put in your zip to save a trip. None within 100 miles of me.
Dexterous Jan 25, 2013
its for real and its the deal, cheapest one
erick99 Jan 25, 2013
Wow! I am on this one. Thank you so much!!
lilywow Jan 25, 2013
Wow!!! Is this for real? I am on my way
YesBoss Jan 25, 2013
Nice Find, These Are Really Very Good Tote Boxes .
lotuslove19 Jan 25, 2013
These tote are really nice to store small toys of the children ,we can make them learn to put the toys back once they are done with playing.
LisaNtom08 Jan 25, 2013
Good deal for an 18 gallon tote. perfect to store our christmas decorations in! Just bought a few of these for $11. This $2.00 is a great price.