Charmin® Basic Bathroom Tissue Rolls, 16 Rolls/Pack | Staples®

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What's the matter?
bethkay Jan 25, 2013
Looks like this wonderful deal is over. I really need to remember to check on here everyday. I miss out on sure good deals!
ArtemisDeals Jan 16, 2013
Nice price for 16 rolls :) and it being charmin as well :)
mikhaila Jan 16, 2013
not bad for 16 rolls. Now if this was Charmin Ultra soft I would've snatched a few of these. thanks
lotuslove19 Jan 16, 2013
This is an awesome price to get this many rolls. Great find!
rockinnrolla Jan 16, 2013
Everyone needs tp! Great price and find!
YesBoss Jan 16, 2013
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YesBoss Jan 16, 2013
Good Price But Both Currently Out Of Stock .
helloamy1977 Jan 16, 2013
I went to a nearby store and they had it. Try to call if you dont mind making the trip
MrBklynW Jan 16, 2013
good price, was a great deal
mnvikings11 Jan 15, 2013
I wish we had a Staples in our area, they do have some great deals like this.
LokaFreeThings2 Jan 15, 2013
@deby32953 hahaha I def. get it! We gotta do what ya gotta do;)
angief81 Jan 15, 2013
Out ou stock
LokaFreeThings2 Jan 15, 2013
Can never have enough toilet paper! ;)
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deby32953 Jan 15, 2013
Was thinking the exact same thing! Using paper towels instead gets rough! (get it?)
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Dexterous Jan 15, 2013
Huh, i thought this deal is over, great its still on
dvinegrace83 Jan 15, 2013
charmin is the cadillac of tp, so i'd say this is a good deal ;)
tpark6283 Jan 15, 2013
This is an awesome price for this many rolls. Great find
supercouponingmo Jan 15, 2013
I will make sure to pass this along. Nice find!
Nellysg Jan 15, 2013
Great deal! Passing along!