Coldwater Creek- standing patchwork dog

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What's the matter?
nthsll Apr 02, 2012
Finally, a dog that doesn't yap and tear up the back yard!
poe601 Apr 01, 2012
So cute, but with coupon no free shipping. Just order without code and you get free shipping!
gangstabarbie Apr 01, 2012
I'm guessing they are not allowing you to stack?
Acarone Apr 01, 2012
looks like free shipping and 25% off don't stack. anybody else having trouble?
MrBklynW Apr 01, 2012
lols i just found my dogs new hump toy=P
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gangstabarbie Apr 01, 2012
Yup, this patch dog will certainly do it. I'm so glad to hear most DP users here own dogs!
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rockinnrolla Apr 01, 2012
Cute dog!
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shimisi Mar 31, 2012
This dog should be fun to train.
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gangstabarbie Mar 31, 2012
Haha! I'm sure it's a good listener and not a naughty one
lilywow Mar 31, 2012
How adorable. Cute cute!!
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gangstabarbie Mar 31, 2012
Thanks your dog is cute too! I bet he's a little smarty pants
krmills1 Mar 31, 2012
Cute doggie! Now you need to find some doggie clothes to dress him up in.
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branie Mar 31, 2012
Ohh. Patch is cute. Very nice price as well. Thanks for sharing.
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FibroMom Mar 31, 2012
Adorable Doggie! Thanks for the Code and the Heads up on this Nice Deal! :)
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