Coleman Cooler Combo | 48-Quart Cooler, 5-Quart Cooler, & 1/3-Gallon Jug

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Coleman Blue Cooler Combo with 48-Quart Cooler, 5-Quart Cooler and 1/3-Gallon Jug.
Set includes:
  • 48qt cooler
  • 5qt cooler
  • 1/3gal jug
  • 48qt cooler holds 63 cans plus ice and is tall enough for 2L bottles while handles make it easily portable
  • 5qt cooler holds up to 6 cans
  • Jug has a wide mouth, screw-on cap and flip-top spout for easy pouring
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What's the matter?
Indalecsio May 17, 2013
Thanks for sharing that, just in time.
sorinlandiana May 16, 2013
I really like this set because I can separate drinks from food.
LindaKNor May 16, 2013
Great price for the cooler set. Nice bundle.
dvinegrace83 May 15, 2013
That's an amazing little bundle there! Get ready for summer everyone!:D
Jazmine_ilene May 14, 2013
Great price for this set of coolers. These will be perfect for those trips to the beach.
THartz606 May 14, 2013
Great deal just in time for the summer. I'll be picking the set up. thanks for the post.
phoneguru9 May 14, 2013
cant believe this.....have always wanted all these but they were so to get a pack.
boricua1 May 14, 2013
this is a really nice deal..just in time for summer!!
zoneric May 14, 2013
perfect for trips, and more...
YesBoss May 14, 2013
Nice Find, Good Price For 3 Pack Coleman Cooler Combo .
lotuslove19 May 14, 2013
This is an awesome deal on the coolers,will get it as early as possible.thanks.
MrBklynW May 14, 2013
awesoem price, glad to see this deal back again, need another set of coolers=)
shopange08 May 13, 2013
Another great cooler deal! Thanks for sharing
Dexterous May 13, 2013
yet another price drop is cool
tanush6 May 13, 2013
Road Trip Perfect and Great cooler for the price
tanush6 May 13, 2013
spent 14 hours in a hot car and most of the ice was still unmelted by the end of the day. It did the job.
Durr21 May 13, 2013
Very nice deal for this cooler great for beach times
DealLeader May 13, 2013
Awesome price for this deal! Great find.
hija_ellen May 13, 2013
great for picnics, camping and other outdoor gatherings. nice set and great value
naturaldeal May 13, 2013
This is good price update for three set
akaricke May 06, 2013
Nice update. Glad it is finally available online.
shimisi May 04, 2013
The 5-quart cooler alone is around 12 bucks so this is definitely a steal.
hemalaa May 04, 2013
nice one to get for the summer trips. at this price this is a great deal.
FibroMom May 04, 2013
Fantastic price! Time to get ready for the beach! Picking this up a.s.a.p.! Great find, thanks! :)
chuckydealpl May 04, 2013
nice combo set and great price, thanks for sharing
MrBklynW May 04, 2013
very nice combo. awesome find
Dexterous May 03, 2013
Great price for three set of coolers
shopange08 May 03, 2013
Great deal on this set! Great for picnics and BBQs..
MyPrecious May 03, 2013
perfect for a day out in the woods on a hot summer
Jlowry May 03, 2013
nice set great for the summer time and camping. thanks for sharing
backspace May 03, 2013
Love this at walmart...Walmart always has some great deals like this.
ilene285 May 03, 2013
This is a great deal for some coolers. Great price.
abu5692 May 03, 2013
Very good deal for all this 3 Coleman Cooler Combo.
seanvcxz May 03, 2013
Perfect timing for this deal! Camping season is right around the corner.
Durr21 May 03, 2013
that is a great price for all of those in one nice deal thanks for sharing
cid681 May 03, 2013
Wow great price for a whole set... I'll be heading over to walmart in the next few days and maybe see it.
themoneyman1113 May 03, 2013
;--) Awesome deal for the set, thanks for sharing.
blackfoot May 03, 2013
Good price for the whole set, Nice deal.
glwrks May 03, 2013
Great price! Between our son & ourselves, splitting the set will take care of our needs...thanks:)
YesBoss May 03, 2013
Nice find, very good price for 3 piece set .
littlexu May 03, 2013
Great deal for this cooler combo set. Nice find and thanks for sharing.
mdgirl May 02, 2013
Price now is $46.55
nicole56 Apr 14, 2013
Is this deal available only in store? I can't see this price online.
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deby32953 Apr 13, 2013
Wow! Now who's not going to take advantage of this deal! Count me in!
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tpark6283 Apr 12, 2013
What an awesome set, a nice Father's Day present!
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branie Apr 12, 2013
A cooler/size for whatever occasion, these sets are great with summer finally coming this makes sense for anyone, nice find. Good price for set.
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rd995 Apr 12, 2013
great deal to start the summer with a nice cooler set most likely will sell out very quick
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sorinlandiana Apr 12, 2013
if I had one of these set, I did not have to worry about a thing every time we go on vacation.
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zoneric May 14, 2013
@sorinlandiana true, especially if you have a bigger family to cool off water & drinks for everyone.
MrBklynW Apr 11, 2013
this is an amazing deal! thanks for the heads up!
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xptrish Apr 11, 2013
Hope I remember! These will go real fast!
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mdgirl May 03, 2013
@xptrish just add it on your list of things to do