Deluxe Blue Arm Chairs (Pack of 2) |

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What's the matter?
Nellysg May 27, 2013
Good deal on a set of chairs. Nice find!
xrjohn May 25, 2013
Very nice chairs. Great price
lilywow May 23, 2013
I have always wanted to get these. This is a great price
Mawhen May 23, 2013
Awesome price on a set of two of these! Great find!
sorinlandiana May 23, 2013
this is perfect for relaxing on the lake side...
wzhenwei May 23, 2013
Great deal! need those, and thanks for sharing it!
branie May 23, 2013
Great! You can never have enough of these chairs, thanks for the share :)
rockinnrolla May 23, 2013
Super price for 2 chairs! Thanks for sharing. :)
lotuslove19 May 23, 2013
I am using these chairs they are really nice and comfy when we are outdoors.
MrBklynW May 23, 2013
not too bad of a deal. thanks for sharing!
ancagavs May 23, 2013
nice chairs. these are usually very comfortable.
dvinegrace83 May 22, 2013
great price for two! im surprised how expensive these are sometimes!
Nvaldera May 22, 2013
Awesome deal for a set of chairs! Great find!
dealio23 May 22, 2013
We have chairs similar to these and use them at the beach. Great price!
Jlowry May 22, 2013
Awesome price for both of these arm chairs. I also like the color
newjerseychickxo May 22, 2013
Perfect for the holidays that will be coming up. Everyone should own at least one. Now you can buy two,for the price of one. Nice find.
tanush6 May 22, 2013
i always have a couple fo these in my truck trunk.
tanush6 May 22, 2013
now is the trip to beach. this will be a perfect couples retreat with these chairs
nararal May 22, 2013
I have one in my office, quite comfortable
tpark6283 May 22, 2013
Nice price for two of these chairs, there are so many times we could use them!
cid681 May 22, 2013
Why... when I was younger these were $6 each! I still have my $6 blue fold out and works great. 10 years later...
boricua1 May 22, 2013
this would be great for me when I go fishing..
themoneyman1113 May 22, 2013
We really need to upgrade our old red chairs. Price seems fair, quality? After reading the two reviews, I would say this is a solid buy.
At0micAmbER May 22, 2013
My family loves these chair during summer we use them at cookouts and at the motocross track
glwrks May 22, 2013
I've had real good luck with their chairs...seem sturdier that the impulse buys I've done in stores. These come in green too!:)