Mobi DualScan Digital Thermometer for the Ear & Forehead

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bbattag Jul 16, 2012
Good price. Groupon has some good good's deals every once in a while
zoneric Jul 16, 2012
excellent price drop. everyone should have one at home. thanks for sharing.
ancagavs Jul 16, 2012
a very nice price, thanks for sharing.
MrBklynW Jul 15, 2012
very avanced thermometer. nice find
blackfoot Jul 15, 2012
Good price for a thermometer. Paid much more for mine when my son was smaller. Good item to have with kids.
ArtemisDeals Jul 15, 2012
Very nice price for a duel. I had 30 for just a forehead one. I do like it but when a little one wiggles it is a little harder to take.
gangstabarbie Jul 15, 2012
These things are super expensive. Glad you found it at a discounted price :)
boricua1 Jul 15, 2012
Thank you for sharing this deal!
shivarajan Jul 15, 2012

I wud say stay away from these, forehead ones relies on "Temporal Artery" which for "most times" is totally inaccurate. I get variation anywhere from 10 to 40% (yes that correct when measured correctly on many people). I would totally go with conventional mercury one or digital one (below the tongue/arm)

Will totally pass (even if its a $ as its not worth getting wrong reading when kids have high fever)
Dexterous Jul 15, 2012
nice thermometer for around $19 bucks, good find
mikhaila Jul 15, 2012
Great price for this thermometer.
FibroMom Jul 15, 2012
Cool! I like that it does both! Sometimes there is NO way to get a little one to sit still for even the ear one - this is great! Thanks for the post! :)
YesBoss Jul 15, 2012
Its Very Good Price For Digital Thermometer, Thanks For The Post.
Subha83 Jul 15, 2012
Great price for this thermometer.Thanks for sharing.
rockinnrolla Jul 15, 2012
I could use one of these! Great price too! :)
tpark6283 Jul 14, 2012
Great deal for one of these, I know mine was well over $25. Nice find!