Pantene Shampoo's 25.4oz for $12.97 - $10 Off $20

Buy 4 Shampoo's And Use $3 Off On 2 Coupon
And Use $5 Off Coupon Code 2651C4A2 At Check Out.

Free Ship With Shoprunner

Get $10 MIR After When You Buy $20 Pantene Products
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What's the matter?
deby32953 Apr 08, 2013
I just found out when placing my order that the Pantene Expert Collection Shampoos do NOT qualify for Shoprunner! But I think shipping is free over $25 or $30 anyway.
deby32953 Apr 08, 2013
I ended up purchases 4 Pantene Expert Collection Conditioners & 2 Shampoos at just under $34 - $10 Rebate = $24 for 6 = $4 per bottle, less than 1/2 price! Not bad & I'm well stocked up on my fav brand.
deby32953 Apr 08, 2013
Plus get up to 6% cash back when you go through before you place your order!
deby32953 Apr 08, 2013
@krmills1 You need to change you photo & description. The "Pantene Shampoo's 25.4oz for $12.97" is not included in the rebate. Better option would be Pantene Pro-V Expert Collection Advanced Keratin Repair Conditioner for $8.99 or Conditioners. Buy 5 & the price is $32.96 - $10 Rebate = $22.96 for 5 bottles, ave. $4.59 or 1/2 price.
deby32953 Apr 08, 2013
@krmills1 It works because they also have an offer Buy 3 Pantene hair care products & get 1 FREE & Get $5 off your $20 purchase of Proctor & Gamble products!
deby32953 Apr 08, 2013
This is my favorite conditioner! Smells sooo good! Great offer!
deby32953 Apr 08, 2013
@krmills1 The rebate form says it's only for "Pantene Expert products" and NONE of the Pantene products on are "Expert" products thus the rebate form won't work on them.
MrBklynW Apr 08, 2013
this is a great price. nice find!
helloamy1977 Apr 07, 2013 gives a 6% cash back too
lotuslove19 Apr 07, 2013
My pantene shampoo is about to finish will get it with this deal plus I will buy a few more things and get the $10 off!
blackfoot Apr 07, 2013
Good coupon on a real good shampoo, Nice deal.
MyPrecious Apr 07, 2013
if only they sell the conditioner too at the same price then it will be a double hit
helloamy1977 Apr 07, 2013
@MyPrecious it came to the same price I added 2 shampoo and 2 conditioners
seanvcxz Apr 07, 2013
Might as well buy a few more things and get the $10 off!
EzzyLovesToSave Apr 07, 2013
Time to stock up!...SUPER coupon:)
FibroMom Apr 07, 2013
Good time to stock up on shampoo if this is your brand! Nice find, thanks for the code.
mikhaila Apr 07, 2013
Great price, this would be great if I still used Pantene
krmills1 Apr 07, 2013
I always love a good shampoo deal and we use this brand a lot when it is on sale.
branie Apr 07, 2013
Awesome deal and I think I will be doing an order. Shoprunner too, yippeeee.....
themoneyman1113 Apr 07, 2013
@branie Did you place this order. Good buy these are they larger size bottle too. These are like $6 a piece in Walmart. You better order or I will.
arsiel Apr 07, 2013
@branie Both of you should order it since it's such a good deal! :p
ukaran Apr 07, 2013
Great Price reduction for a Good Branded Shampoo. Pretty nice deal.