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May 31, 2020
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Hello, my friend! A little about the product:

Product Description:

Package Include: 50 Anthurium Seeds


Climate: Tropical

Watering: Medium

Soil pH: Neutral

Season of Interest: All year

Sunlight: Partial Shade

Soil Type: Peat, Sand

Foliage: Evergreen


Anthurium is a very beautiful, amazing flower, the birthplace of which is considered to be South and Central America. It is a houseplant from the family Araceae. This flower is popular not only because of its amazing appearance, the unique shape of the flowers.

It is believed that it is able to bring good luck to its owners, attract money, fight adversity. Due to the special shape of the flower, among the people there was a belief that it is able to increase male strength, so it was called "male happiness". Consider in detail how to care for the plant, what are the features of its maintenance at home.


Seeds should be treated with a weak solution of potassium permanganate. It is necessary to place them in loose fertile soil, to bury only 2 mm. to quickly appear sprouts, it is necessary to contain crops in greenhouse conditions. You will need to cover them with plastic wrap.

With the content of crops at an air temperature of + 24 degrees, seedlings appear in 2 weeks. After a while, the plants form 2 stronger leaves. Then you will need to perform a pick — to transplant plants into individual containers.

If you wish, use sheet soil with the addition of a small amount of charcoal and peat. After some time, you will need to perform a pick again. Provided proper cultivation Anthurium will bloom in 2 years. But it forms weakened flowers, full appear 5 years after sowing the seeds.

Lighting and Temperature

If you place the Anthurium in the North, it is likely that it will lag behind in growth. When placed in the South, it will be necessary to shade it with a curtain. Direct sunlight should not adversely affect the photosynthesis of Anthurium.

Most species belonging to the genus are thermophilic. Anthurium feels good at an air temperature of + 23 to + 27 degrees. If for some time you lower the temperature to + 19 degrees, it is possible that the plant will begin to hurt.

However, this does not apply to the winter period of rest, when the temperature should be lowered to + 17 degrees. It is impossible to allow that the house plant suffered from drafts and temperature drops, care of it should be correct


1. Water should be taken out as the soil substrate dries.

2. In the growing season, Anthurium should be watered more often.

3. To the plant did not hurt and did not suffer from the effects of pests, for watering it is necessary to use high-quality defended water.

4. Recommended to avoid overwetting of the mixture, so that the Anthurium can start to hurt. Excess water can lead to root rot.

After you add water, remove any remaining water from the tray. Anthurium blooms and breathes in high humidity. I recommend spraying a houseplant. If he lacks moisture, there is a lag in growth. I wipe the leaves with a soft cotton cloth, which I advise you to do!

If you need to increase the humidity level, spray the air near the Anthurium. Place the pot on a tray with moistened expanded clay. When spraying the plant, make sure that the water falls exclusively on the leaves. If the droplets are on the flowers, the decorative qualities of the culture will decrease.


The soil mixture for Anthurium should be:




moderately wet.

You can buy the finished mixture in the store or make it yourself by taking:

30% turf land;

60% of peat;

10% sand.

If you wish, add a small amount of coniferous bark to the substrate. It has a decontaminating effect.


1. Please seeds stored in a cool, dry place.

2. The volume of the soil should keep a distance of 1-2cm from the rim of the pot

3. No need to water too often, keep the soil moderately moist

4. The color and brightness may differ a little for the difference of shooting facilities, computer display screens or other factors. Your understanding is so appreciated.

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