Gaggia New Baby Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine in Black

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The New Baby traditional is packed with all of the classic features that have stood the test of time during the past 25 years, including simple controls, a commercial-style portafilter made of chrome-plated brass, and a clean, attractive silhouette. The powerful, high-wattage boiler heats up in just a few minutes, and the 15-bar pump ensures a great espresso extraction every time. The chrome-plated marine brass commercial-style portafilter is fabulous for use with ground coffee or ESE coffee pods! This machine also lets you create cappuccinos and lattes with the greatest of ease using the Gaggia Turbo Frother, (a plastic attachment on the steam wand that disperses steam perfectly for frothing milk). Start your day with the perfect cup!

Product Details:

Portafilter: The chrome-plated brass, commercial style portafilter helps maintain a stable brewing temperature. The portafilter is perfect for brewing ground coffee, or ESE certified espresso pods.

Gaggia's Turbo Frothing: Gaggia's Turbo Frothing Wand allows you to steam and froth milk for cappuccinos and lattes with the greatest of ease. Extremely user-friendly and precise, you'll have great foam with no hassle!

Water Reservoir:On top of the machine, you'll find a spacious 64 ounce water reservoir that can be removed for filling at the faucet or can simply be refilled while in place.

Features & Benefits:

Removable 64 oz water reservoir
Great froth every time with the Turbo Frother attachment
Stainless steel front panel and housing in black finish
3.5oz boiler with two external heating elements
55 watt electric pump
Accessories Included: single shot, double shot, ESE pod stainless steel filter baskets,Coffee tamper, and 7 gram scoop


Powerful 15-bar pump
Power Supply: 1425 Watts / 120 Volts / 50 Hz
One Year Limited Warranty: (warranty not valid outside of US)
Made in Italy
15.7”H x 9.6”W x 10.4”D
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