Garden Oasis 2-Seat Promo Swing

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xrjohn May 01, 2013
One of my wife's favorite things is to relax and swing on our swing. Great find.
zoneric May 01, 2013
I'd buy a swing only for that fresh summer breeze.
wzhenwei May 01, 2013
It looks nice to have one in summer.
alecupope May 01, 2013
we can buy a swing and call it "the love swing"...sound nice, doesn't it? :)
zoneric May 01, 2013
@alecupope it sounds really nice, i like it. will call ours that too. lol.
ancagavs May 01, 2013
this looks so nice. a lot of fun for those hot summer days ...
shimisi Apr 30, 2013
Awesome price. It's that lovely time of year again when these are very useful.
poe601 Apr 30, 2013
Great swing and a good discount but I got this last year at end of season from Kmart for $15!
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rockinnrolla Apr 30, 2013
@poe601 Best deal ever!
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poe601 Apr 30, 2013
@rockinnrolla, The clerk at the store when I went to pick it up even said to me, I wish we had known it was this cheap! I have to agree the best deal I have found on here as far as savings!
ancagavs May 01, 2013
@poe601 you paid only $15 for yours? smokin' price.
poe601 May 01, 2013
Yep, unreal end of the season price!
zoneric May 01, 2013
@poe601 some things you need in a specific season, you find the best prices of the end of that specific season. so, store them for next year.
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mdgirl May 01, 2013
@rockinnrolla I am upset at u, how come you did not share that deal with us. Or did I miss it
helloamy1977 May 02, 2013
yes it was a great deal I assembled one and have one in my closet in the box
tpark6283 Apr 30, 2013
We have been looking for one to keep in the back yard, awesome find!
FibroMom Apr 30, 2013
Beautiful Swing at a Fantastic Price! Can't wait to get it here and swing on sunny afternoons and enjoy the outdoors! :)
dvinegrace83 Apr 30, 2013
Perfect for lounging and enjoying a nice breezy warm day. We have a bigger patio now so something like this might be nice for my husband and I to have for relaxing when he comes home from work;)
helloamy1977 Apr 30, 2013
Last year they had the same ones for $15 and I got 2 and I love them.
Mawhen Apr 30, 2013
I need to pass this deal on to whomever may be wanting hints for my Mother's Day gift. :D Awesome price!
MrBklynW Apr 30, 2013
wow that is a great price, amazing find!
nimase85 Apr 29, 2013
This is a great price for this Swing I will defiantly be sure to pass this deal on.. Thanks for sharing
Christine Apr 29, 2013
i really need one of these...i feel like i could sit and swing there for hoursss on those tough days heheh
catchersmom Apr 29, 2013
for my front yard weekends watching the sun rise I think so
Dexterous Apr 29, 2013
i will keep one like this in backyard, future
ancagavs May 01, 2013
@praveensapkota if we had a backyard, so would be...but we don't have space. I'm so sad...
blackfoot Apr 29, 2013
Neat swing, I could get real comfortable on this.
littlexu Apr 29, 2013
it will be nice to have it on backyard. Great price and thanks for sharing.
Durr21 Apr 29, 2013
This looks so great would look awesome in my back yard
LisaNtom08 Apr 29, 2013
Ive been looing for a nice one of these!! This might be the one.. Very nice price!!
EzzyLovesToSave Apr 29, 2013
AHHHH!...I can feel those csummer breezes now!...SMOKIN price:)
krmills1 Apr 29, 2013
We had one of these for a couple years until the fabric started to tear, you should always use a cover on it when not in use or in the winter.
sorinlandiana Apr 29, 2013
my wife wants one badly and at this offer, I'm thinking of getting her one.
ancagavs May 01, 2013
@sorinlandiana if you have the place to install this, you should really get one.
YesBoss Apr 29, 2013
Nice Find, Very Good Price For Garden Oasis 2-Seat Promo Swing .
rd995 Apr 29, 2013
good price on this swing it will be nice to have in the backyard