Grow Light, Grow Lights for Indoor Plants, 45W 90 LED Bulbs Timming Plant Grow Lamp with Red, Blue Spectrum, 3/9/12H Timer, 3-Head Divide Control Adjustable Gooseneck, 8 Dimmable Levels : Ustyle

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Are you tired of moving your plants here and there, all the time be worried about that they didn’t get enough sunshine, couldn’t overcome the cold weather, grow up to a ugly shape or won’ give enough fruitage?
If yes,that’s why we come today, bring you this excellent Triple Head LED Desk Clip Grow Light.
Another good news is that the growing light is high energy saving, every 1000 hours, it only consumes 15 kWh electric.
It offers blue and red grow lights which meet needs for plant’s all growing stage from seeding to bearing fruit. It has 3 separated controlled head with 360° flexible gooseneck , that means its a 360° coverage of plants light. Besides, this is a convenient portable desk light With strong clip base, it may be put in many different places,somewhat convenient.
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