Guide Gear 10x10' Teepee Tent - 501234, Tents at Bargain Outfitters

Code: BH197

this should be $89.99 I added as new for some reason this is not taking the price..can someone fix the link please..
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What's the matter?
xrjohn May 22, 2013
that's a really great looking tent, would like to have one. good price.
zoneric May 19, 2013
seems pretty big. I did not see if it says how many people fit in...
glwrks May 19, 2013
@zoneric Sleeps 6 people.
alecupope May 19, 2013
good price drop. nice tent. thanks for sharing!
sorinlandiana May 19, 2013
wow, this is a nice discount, perfect for a weekend with my son fishing.
FibroMom May 19, 2013
Price is now showing at $99.97. Still a nice deal - but not showing at the price advertised. :(
kevin07 May 19, 2013
@FibroMom yes I dont understand why..and they keep expiring this deal lol..I added as new and see if someone can fix the link :(
chuckydealpl May 19, 2013
kids would love this tent, codes works but shipping was not free, was $10 for me
ancagavs May 19, 2013
nice tent. we can have some fun if we install it at home :)
blackfoot May 18, 2013
Cool looking teepee tent, fun for the kids.
Jlowry May 18, 2013
nice size tent, great for camping.
ancagavs May 19, 2013
@Jlowry it is great for camping. the discount is very good and can be used at home as well for some fun with the kids.
zoneric May 19, 2013
@Jlowry I agree. when you don't have time to go camping, at least install the tent in the back yard :D
glwrks May 18, 2013
I'm seeing $99, but I like the look and with the ventilation in the peak, it should enable you to use some specific for tents heaters more safely...
zoneric May 19, 2013
@glwrks yup, it's 99.97 now, the price went up a little...
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kevin07 May 18, 2013
$10 price coupon for free shipping
erick99 Apr 15, 2012
What a a very cool ideal and the design should be inherently more stable that the traditional style tent. Price seems good though I don't no anything about camping gear pricing.
krmills1 Apr 15, 2012
Neat looking tent, I haven't seen a teepee tent before! Pretty cool and a great price drop!