Hidden Wall Safe - Looks Like an Ordinary Outlet

It looks like an electrical outlet but it is a great place to hide your valuables. Made of high impact plastic and metal. Once installed it pivots out to reveal the secret hiding place. No need to remember special combinations! Conceal your valuables in your home or office. Comes with cutout saw and template for easy installation in just minutes. Stores currency, small documents, jewelry, credit cards, and other personal valuables.

• App dimensions: 7" x 2" x 2 1/2"
•Perfect for storing valuables, cash, etc
•Comes with cutout saw and template for easy installation in just minutes.
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What's the matter?
Christine Oct 02, 2012
very interestinggg idea!!! i feel like id fool myself and forget =p
wdjdac Oct 01, 2012
This is also idea to keep expenses items in, but I'm not sure how much you Could get in there.
aznballa161 Oct 01, 2012
this is a neat idea. i'm gonna get one to see what it's like. can't beat the price with free shipping
ReturninVideoTps Oct 01, 2012
Hey this is a really cool idea! Nice find
rockinnrolla Oct 01, 2012
I would love to have one of these! AWESOME price!
ancagavs Oct 01, 2012
looks very interesting, and very practical too. nice find.
poe601 Oct 01, 2012
Great for small valuables. Good deal with free shipping.
MrBklynW Sep 30, 2012
this is pretty cool, thanks for sharing
dvinegrace83 Sep 30, 2012
i think these hidden safe things are a great idea! nothing wrong with a little extra security for your goods..
THartz606 Oct 01, 2012
Yeah last place anyone would think to look for hidden goodies especially since the hidden safes do look like the normal items.
iowahawkeyes Sep 30, 2012
No criminal is going to look for one f these!/ great new idea.
zoneric Oct 01, 2012
unless he is a DP member and he's seen this :D
blackfoot Sep 30, 2012
Nice little wall safe, Good for small valuables.
THartz606 Oct 01, 2012
Yeah it's definitely too small for the larger important items, but it looks like it could hold rings, credit cards, and other smaller things like that safely.
ArtemisDeals Sep 30, 2012
That is a pretty cool idea! Knowing me I would put something in there and forget about it :P
THartz606 Oct 01, 2012
Lol so it would turn into a time capsule that someone would find many years down the road. :)
ArtemisDeals Oct 01, 2012
LoL... yea that would probably happen :) Would be fun for the future person to find it!!
hemalaa Sep 30, 2012
Looks like a nice product to securely store small valuable things.
THartz606 Oct 01, 2012
Yeah it's probably best suited for things like credit cards, pasports, money and other smaller things like that.
dealwagger Sep 30, 2012
I wonder if you could disguise it to look like something else (so the kids don't catch me and think it's okay to play with outlets) lol. But great in a house with adults/older kids :)
THartz606 Oct 01, 2012
That would be a concern with younger kids in the house.
Dexterous Sep 30, 2012
this is useful outlet, thanks for finding
abu5692 Sep 30, 2012
May be good idea and save for some items. Good deal.
tpark6283 Sep 30, 2012
How cool is this...and a nice price to try it out!
arsiel Sep 30, 2012
I wonder what would happen if you tried using it as a real outlet... Does that still work? :x
boricua1 Sep 30, 2012
I love this!!! gonna get me a couple of these
themoneyman1113 Sep 30, 2012
Good price, good idea in theory too. Thanks for sharing, I should get one and try it out.
ancagavs Oct 01, 2012
I agree, in theory it's a good idea. but it's small and don't fit many things.
chuckydealpl Sep 30, 2012
its a good idea but i don't think its going to hold much. last thing you want is something valuable to be overflowing and drop behind the walls.
THartz606 Oct 01, 2012
It probably won't hold too much. I think it would be best suited for money, credit cards, passports and other smaller things like that.
shimisi Sep 30, 2012
What an interesting concept for a safe :) It's small but good for exactly that-- small valuables.
FibroMom Sep 30, 2012
Nice idea to store your "Important Stash" in. :) Not too many thieves are going to be carrying a screwdriver with them. :)
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zoneric Oct 01, 2012
if the are members of DP, they will carry one with them :D
FibroMom Oct 01, 2012
LMAO! ;) Good Morning! :)
rd995 Sep 29, 2012
i was thinking about getting something like this i can put it in my closet that there is an outlet that we don't use