Home Defense Max - Indoor/Outdoor Insect Killer

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What's the matter?
alkemist Jun 06, 2012
Went to Home Depot today, 6/6/12 and shelf sticker price shows $7.47.
deal Jun 06, 2012
Yeah this is just in time for the change of season. Gotta get this for all the insects that will be around in the Summer of this year. Thanks!
CleanGraphics Jun 05, 2012
$7.47 for me as well, although this is still a good deal. on 6/5/12
alkemist Jun 05, 2012
Was this a paper ad? (before I make a run out to Home Depot)
alkemist Jun 05, 2012
Showing up as $7.47 online now? When I looked at it late last night, it still said $4.88.. was going to check it out this morning.
ReturninVideoTps Jun 05, 2012
I have this, and we spent like $15 on it. Great deal and the spray works really well! At least for ants
ancagavs Jun 05, 2012
A good price and I think I need it. A few night ago, I was going into the bathroom and one cockroach was running around. I was so scared :(
rtanner Jun 05, 2012
this is a good price dont get it confused with the identical bottle that has a different gun on it...its about $10 more
Dexterous Jun 05, 2012
Good price for insect killer, great prices.
MrBklynW Jun 04, 2012
good price, we buy alot every year because of ants.
dvinegrace83 Jun 04, 2012
ugh..i dread that i'll be needing this sooner rather than later!
shopange08 Jun 04, 2012
ditto to the ants problem!
dropslike Jun 04, 2012
well I have some ants uninvited in my house and I want to kill them all! hope this will work
bbattag Jun 04, 2012
Good deal. Especially at this time of the year.