Homz 18 Gallon Tote Royal Blue

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What's the matter?
additc Sep 24, 2012
arent these always $4 at walmart B&M?
unless prices have gone up since I last moved.
krmills1 Sep 24, 2012
WOW!!! This deal has like a million PLUS's!!! You don't see that very often.
Subha83 Sep 24, 2012
Great price.Big Tote.Thanks for sharing
YesBoss Sep 24, 2012
Looks Like This Is Very Good Price, Thanks For Sharing.
MrBklynW Sep 23, 2012
great price, thank you so much=D
blackfoot Sep 23, 2012
These are super for storing just about anything and real sturdy.
poe601 Sep 23, 2012
Great price and size and free store pick up is awesome!
aznballa161 Sep 23, 2012
good price for this. looks like it can hold a lot of stuff. worth the money
ilene285 Sep 23, 2012
Great deal for this big tote. Great low price.
akaricke Sep 23, 2012
I was wondering why this was rated so high. decent price if you need them now
nimase85 Sep 23, 2012
thanks for sharing ... this looks like a very good price for a storage bin with my limited space i am always in need of storage or organization products
Dexterous Sep 23, 2012
Nice price, good find
QBigdavid Sep 23, 2012
great price!
psplove Sep 23, 2012
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seanvcxz Sep 23, 2012
Great price of a tote. Seem like you can never have enough of these either. There is always something to put in a tote.
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branie Sep 23, 2012
$4.45 is about average for a tote of that size on sale lately. Anything under $5 for me would be acceptable.
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tpark6283 Sep 23, 2012
In the middle of trying to organize a TON of my daughters clothes! Thanks!
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rockinnrolla Sep 23, 2012
Isn't that so much work! I always buy seasons ahead so you have to organize it.... That's why a person needs some cheap bins! :)
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tpark6283 Sep 23, 2012
TOO MUCH! Then wondering what I should do with it "in case" we have another sooner than we plan lol.
arsiel Sep 23, 2012
I remember seeing the deals for this for $3.30 or something. This is a great price too!
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arsiel Sep 23, 2012
Hmm... Is there a bug? I feel like I may have single handedly made this rep going up ridiculously high since I kept pressing thumb down in the heating up section and then recorrecting it by thumbing it back up. Looks like rep points were never deducted but always added o_O
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rockinnrolla Sep 23, 2012
arsiel Sep 23, 2012
Do you see it?! Is it at 100 for you too? It still says I haven't plus'd your deal and yet every time I try to, it adds 8... Am I going crazy? -_-
rd995 Sep 23, 2012
100 plus wow i think you over did it
arsiel Sep 23, 2012
Sigh... I shouldn't be able to plus more than 4 per deal. I don't know what's going on. HELP MODS!
rockinnrolla Sep 23, 2012
Holy cow thats crazy! I do see that it says 100!
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arsiel Sep 23, 2012
Well 101 now but that wasn't me. It's only with your deal too. DID YOU RIG IT? lol jk, but really, this bug needs to be dealt with :[
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rockinnrolla Sep 23, 2012
HAHA like I would know how to rig something like that up. :P
ancagavs Sep 24, 2012
there are a lot of thumbs up for this item. tell us how you did it :)