InterDesign Formbu Over-the-Tank Tissue Holder 2, Natural Bamboo/Bronze

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•Made from natural bamboo/bronze accents
•Light weight, space saving
•Natural bamboo with bronze accents
•2.3-Inch by 6.6-Inch by 10.1-Inch
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What's the matter?
xrjohn Jun 03, 2013
Great idea. Very handy. Good deal.
LisaNtom08 Jun 02, 2013
Wow! Ive never seen this before! Very convenient spot to store toilet paper
lilywow Jun 01, 2013
Interesting concept. Never seen it before.
shimisi May 31, 2013
Nice price. Been looking for an option for these holders. Would prefer them in enclosed spaces but good to know this is out there.
additc May 31, 2013
Having one roll of paper out is enough for my toddler to terrorize the house, but two ?
Kritsy May 31, 2013
Great idea speciaty when you have ppl visiting!
branie May 31, 2013
Very convenient! Not for me though, I would always be worried about what may have been crawling on them while they were out in the open, lol. Good find and price.
At0micAmbER May 31, 2013
great idea for storing extra toilet paper.
boricua1 May 31, 2013
this would be perfect for my brother..gonna let him know
THartz606 May 31, 2013
This is a really good idea to have so that the extra rolls are always within reach. Thanks for the post.
rockinnrolla May 31, 2013
This could totally come in handy. Great price. ;)
chuckydealpl May 31, 2013
this is neat, wish i would have thought of this
poe601 May 31, 2013
Now this is different but smart idea.
ancagavs May 31, 2013
very useful and very practical. especially if there's no room for a wall dispenser.
dvinegrace83 May 30, 2013
Smart idea! I usually like to have my extras stashed away, but like to have them out like this when I have guests or parties
Dexterous May 30, 2013
Easy tissue holder, thanks for sharing
DealLeader May 30, 2013
Great useful item! Awesome!
hemalaa May 30, 2013
nice and convenient way to keep some extra bathroom tissues.
ramana_forums May 30, 2013
this looks so cool.. never seen before.. nice find
backspace May 30, 2013
Great way to have some extra TP
Jlowry May 30, 2013
this is cool. I can see my son now taking all the tissue off the roll
WideAnglePhoto May 30, 2013
Love these space saver ideas! Haven't ever seen one like this either, and at this price it's worth a try! Love it!
EzzyLovesToSave May 30, 2013
GREAT price!...Never saw one like this before:)
LokaFreeThings2 May 30, 2013
The way my fam. uses toilet paper this would be very beneficial! lol
mdgirl May 30, 2013
Helps when you have a small bathroom.
FibroMom May 30, 2013
Space-saving and perfect to keep spare rolls (so that you don't have those OOOOOOPs times!) ;) Nice price, too! Thanks. :)
solowkoe May 30, 2013
someone had a good idea. cool product.
YesBoss May 30, 2013
Nice Find & Good Price For Tank Tissue Holder Of 2 Pack.
erick99 May 30, 2013
That is so clever and I have never seen a TP holder like that. I like the price and am seriously considering buying one. Plussed.
kevin07 May 30, 2013
price drop
blackfoot Apr 27, 2013
Neat tp holder, pretty good idea.
krmills1 Apr 27, 2013
This is a really nice thing to have instead of screaming at someone to get you a roll.
ancagavs May 31, 2013
@krmills1 lol. did it happen to you? it's embarrasing to scream for toilette paper :)
dealwagger Apr 27, 2013
With how my family loses toilet paper in the bathroom we may as well get one for each side LOL
seanvcxz Apr 27, 2013
This is a great idea for bathrooms in small spaces or somewhere where you can't mount a dispenser on the wall.
deal Apr 27, 2013
Ah that is a pretty cool invention. Very cool. Nice find Jazmine_ilene :)
MdavidK30 Apr 27, 2013
Pretty convienent. If you ask me.